Sunday, December 27

that last post was depressing

so I'll give you a glimpse of my wonderful christmas. it really was one of the best ever. just enjoyable family times, simple, effortless, (that's a lie, but every effort was worth it) christmas.

Fondue. need I say more? rye bread dipped in cheese fondue. all the shrimp you could possible shove on the stick and still have them immersed in the hot oil. then chocolate fondue. I made angel food cake. taking it out of the metal wrap, I had the cake in one hand. not a firm grip, ya know? You always have to be on guard though, carrying anything when my brothers are around. and this is why. my brother nudged me just a tad. angel food cake turned devil. fell on the floor. of course I just picked up the used to be light, fluffy cake and broke it into bite-size pieces and of course we dipped the smashed goodness into the chocolate fondant. "Isn't this supposed to be more airy?" the murderer asked sarcastically.

Arrangements were made in the basement and the entire family stomped down the stairs to watch...the 9 grandchildren put on a nativity scene. I have never seen them all just...ya calm. And they all were, each one acted their part in almost reverence. it was the bombest thing I saw this Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas, portrayed by the most Christ-like of all of us.

Then the look on my brother's face Christmas morning, when he unwrapped the gift Gina and I had bought him. It was a duffel bag he specifically asked us to get him, really the only thing he wanted for christmas. and since his wife, santa, and mom already got him something else, we were his last resort. He used all his manipulation tactics to get gina and I to show a hint of evidence that we got it for him. "Hey I saw you at Costco this week" was one of them. well he failed. and he honestly thought we didn't get him the bag. So that priceless reaction of pure surprise was truly a gift.

and I got everything I wanted and for the first time I can ever remember, I am not taking anything back to return. It's been a very merry week!

feel better now? I do.

It's just an awkward week.

today I found myself in the middle of saying "Merry Christmas," feeling really awkward, and not remembering what the next holiday was (New Years) so I ended up sounding like this:

"Merry Chrim---uhh...yeah."
5 seconds later
"Happy New Year!"

Close your eyes and envision with me for a sec. I guess you need to keep your eyes open to read, but after you read this post, close your eyes and imagine.

You have been done with school since Thanksgiving break. Since then, you've worked a total of 5 not much going on. Then you got another week of "break" then you don't really know how often you'll be substituting when the "break" ends. So for all I know, I'll be on a break until I get a real job. no offense, substitute office. K now close your eyes and imagine. how crazy. I am going to be. you might say "that sounds nice, a long break. I really need one of those" no, you don't. too much break = broken

Tuesday, December 22

deck the halls with gasoline

I have been the runner up three times for teaching jobs.

I just found out about the third one and now this is my status:

Deck the halls with gasoline Falalalalalalalala
Light a match and watch it gleam Falalalalalalalala
Watch the school burn down to ashes Falalalalalalalala
Aren't you glad you played with matches? Falalalalalalalala!

When I sang it to my dad and told him it was my facebook status, his automatic, serious response was: "if the school burns down tonight, you'll be responsible! Your status will be all over the papers"

Saturday, December 19

winning the hearts of the nieces and nephs

Lately I've been trying to be the aunt to my nieces an nephews that I'd want for myself. So I think back to the things I didn't like about my aunts and I have mostly good memories but the only bad memories are them telling me what to do. (as a little one, I like when they tell me what to do now.)

Well it's really hard to not tell a child what to do. Really. difficult. They aren't my kids! but the fact that I have this degree in telling chillens what to do makes it harder.

It actually works though. The less I tell them what to do the more they want to be my friend.

Tuesday, December 15

500 days of summer

was even better the second time.

Monday, December 14

This lady's Christmas decorations made my year

"Good news is that I truly outdid myself this year with my Christmas decorations. The bad news is that I had to take him down after 2 days. I had more people come screaming up to my house than ever. Great stories. But two things made me take it down:
"First, the cops advised me that it would cause traffic accidents as they almost wrecked when they drove by.
"Second, a 55 year old lady grabbed the 75 pound ladder and almost killed herself putting it against my house and didn't realize it was fake until she climbed to the top (she was not happy). By the way, she was one of many people who attempted to do that.
"My yard couldn't take it either. I have more than a few tire tracks where people literally drove up my yard."

Tuesday, December 8

Oh come on,


I drove to highland twice yesterday.
Once for the first interview
back for the second!
one of two candidates.
Exciting, right?
Wow I totally got it, right?

Want to know how I found out?
An automated email the district sends when they close a job.

The song from wedding singer, "kill me" comes to mind. with replacement words for the swear words of course. don't look it up.

I'm ok. That class had 34 kids in it anyway. I don't want that! plus this gives me OPTIONS to live outside of this place I've lived for decades! So I'm looking into that.

Something to think about.

Is loving someone like making a new horcrux where you split your soul?

Thursday, December 3

Tissue alert, nerd alert

Okay I realize that the only two things I post about are a. my dad or b. schoolish/kids stuff.

But those are the only interesting parts of my life so once I get more interesting things I'll talk about those things too. mmk?

a few years ago, as far as I can remember, there hasn't been a roll of toilet paper in our house. No toilet paper, just the empty metal roller.
A friend that has never been to my house before calls behind the closed bathroom door: "I'm out of toilet paper in here!"
Me: "Just use the kleenex!"
My dad prefers kleenex.
It's cheaper.
It's harder to not go crazy; you'll never use an excess amount of kleenex.
the sound of the swish when the kleenex comes out needs to happen more often.
And I don't know what else.

When we go on vacation, you will find a box of kleenex in his suitcase to use instead of toilet paper in the hotel bathroom. Where there is already toilet paper. so it's beyond the price, surely.
here's the best part: I received the following email today, sent to my family:

subject: Tissue alert!


Van Shumway Jr

1:52 PM (3 hours ago)

If you call Craig at Day's Market (375-7960) by 2 pm Saturday, you can order a case of tissues (same as those at our house--160 count per box) for only $1.05 per box. That means your cost per tissue is only 2/3 of a penny. Minimum order is a case of 36 = $37.80 + tax, payable when product arrives in a week or two.



replied, 4:20 PM (33 minutes ago)

Nerd alert!

Tuesday, December 1


My last day was yesterday. ;(
My second graders made me a book that I will treasure for years to come.
Here are a couple excerpts.

This one is from Jacob:

"You were very good at teaching. when ye you read you did it so good. I felt like I was in the story. you are sooo cool.

here is the back of his letter:
it says "santa" with an arrow and "the bowl of jelly" pointing to his abdomen. sooo good.

One student wrote using only question marks. Like what he said is even a question. jk lol giggle giggle

They gave me hugs and/or fives on the way out.

No update on the job...they are looking at applications right now then interviews later...I just made that up. but I know they were looking at applications yesterday.

But do you realize what position I am in?
I will graduate. on the 18th. no matter what. There is nothing I could or couldn't do to prevent it. besides dying. which is something I've considered. that's a lie.

So I am sitting around today. And if I want I can just sit around the rest of my life! Cool. Great thing to think about. Nah I'll get a job (using my degree) and pay off all my debt. Then I'll spend whatever extra money I make on travel. Then when I decide to actually save money, I will. That's my plan.

Wednesday, November 25

cookies left on my doorstep

There was a plate of cookies with a note in my bathroom when I woke up. My dad typed up a label, pasted it to a post-it note, then put the post-it note on the note. It says "Left on doorstep last night. Has male-idiot written all over it." My dad rocks. I found more pleasure in his note than the cookies and the anonymous one-page sweet note. And I knew right off it was not from a male-idiot, i'd recognize that calligraphy handwriting anywhere. my friend roxanne. which makes this even better. because my dad totally dissed my friend.

Love you roxanne, thanks for the anonymous note and cookies.
Love you dad, thanks for looking out for me. For taking the time to type up a label to remind me that I deserve more than male-idiots in my life.

Tuesday, November 24

I'm going to literally explode

I threw a popcorn party for my class today. A few hours later, a teacher brought in some popcorn from another activity to share with us. After she left, I gave my popcorn to the classroom teacher (Becky.)

Becky: Don't you want it?
Hallie: If I have any more popcorn I'm going to explode.
My 2nd graders were concerned and asked if I would really explode.
5 minutes later, I walk around looking at the thanksgiving books students are coloring. As I pass Jacob, he explains his addition to the book (The large blue person sitting on the turkey, pictured below)

Hallie: Who is the blue person?
Jacob: It's you, exploding!
Becky came over to see: What's the green stuff, is she sucking the apples with a straw?
Jacob: No, that's the explosion coming out!
I was laughing hysterically, taking pictures with my cell phone. It's my cellphone wallpaper. I am glad I have one more day so today didn't have to be the last.

Update on the job:
You. Reading this. PRAY.
I applied for the fifth grade position yesterday and the principal will be calling in interviews starting next week. PLEASE JUST LET ME HAVE IT ALREADY!

Tuesday, November 17

the next three days are going to be a never ending interview.

I don't know if this is even going to happen. but I think my principal is on the prowl for a new teacher. And I think I am his #1 victim. He came in while I was teaching a small reading group and he and my classroom teacher were talking about me! Come to find out he was asking when I was getting my teaching certificate and if I would be good in upper grades!! Then he was all "I may just pop in a few times to sit in a some lessons this week" Uhhhh ogkaayyy? I am feeling prepared every day when I teach, so I don't think I am nervous for things in my control. I feel intimidated. And sometimes kids will do stuff and it's like "how do I respond to you?"
But seriously oh my heck. These last three days. I have to be awesome. Because I might get a job here. I am on trial. ah. Stop thinking about it! It would seriously be the best thing ever though.


A student wouldn't sit in his desk. When asked why, he said: "My desk is haunted"

Teaching a small reading group, one of my favorite little boys that looks like harry potter (NOT daniel, the one I pictured in my head.) had a pink smudge on his glasses. How he even managed to see I don't know. When I pointed it out to him, he said "Oh, that would be yogurt," and let me clean it off for him.

Saturday, November 14

American Girl Magazine

Me: "Someone subscribed me to American Girl."
Dad, as if I accused him: "I did NOT!"

"It sucks to be you right now"

that is what my brother told me yesterday after I told him my plans for the next 3 months. He was joking, but he's got a point.

Here's my plans:

1. stay living with the parents
2. get a job to be a substitute teacher end of this month
3. get a job to be a full time teacher in jan when I get my certificate, if there are even openings. I will leave the county of Utah if I have to! That is a threat!
4. stay living with the parents

The only definite living with the parentals. The other things...just need to happen please.

I really love my life though! It doesn't suck too bad!

Friday, November 6

The 150th

I got a letter in the mail congratulating me on being in the top 15% of my graduating class at BYU.

I told my dad.

I asked him if he really thought I was in the top 15%.
"I'm not that smart" I said, walking away.

Shouting after me down the hallway: "Well, if you think about it, say 1,000 people are in your graduating class. You could be the 150th."

(laughing) "You're a jerk, dad." lol he always keeps things from getting to my head.

"Once I smelled sheepskins and felt like I was flying for a second"

Thank you, Jacob, age 7. We were reading a book about beagles and how they like to wear sheepskin sweaters. Then he made this comment. Jacob, you made my day. I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard.

Monday, November 2


Nasal spray, Cough Syrup, throat spray, and dramamine. Then excedrin in the morning. I love drugs.

I was reading "Teddy Bear" with the cutest little boy in my class.
And I asked him if he had a teddy bear. He didn't. Really? Nothing? Not even a blankey, something you can't go to sleep without?
I was surprised at my response: "It's better to not have one. You don't want to get attached."

Thursday, October 29

The perks of being sick

Well you get to stay home from school. And you get to sleep all the time and for as long as you want.
Then you get this mindset of "what do I do with all this time?" and do nothing with it. but you don't feel guilty for wasting time if it ends up that way. which it does.
You don't have to clean up. like gina is doing right now. thanks gina.
and...everyone treats you like a baby. which i love. (cough cough cough)
but to be 100% honest with you, which I think you will appreciate: I was really sad that I missed school today. Because I started taking over the classroom on Tuesday and my life is so good. Those kids are really nice to me and I like teaching.

Oh I read this cool thing to say to people with moustaches: "What's so important about your nose that you have to underline it?" Oh man I canNOT wait to run into someone with a stash and say that to them. Even if I don't know them. Do you dare me?

Tuesday, October 27

I butchered all my pants

So I have like 8 pair of pants. a couple black, one gray, a khaki, a brown, why am I listing this you don't even care.

Well one day I kind of lost it. I realized all my pants were too long. And they drag ya know? And it upset me. But my mom wasn't home to do it for me and I couldn't wait for her to get around to it. Started working on something. Couldn't focus. I just HAD to hem my pant legs! ALL of them. So I took my pants and I put them on one at a time. I measured a good couple inches beyond my heel and SNIPPED that point off all the way around. Snip. snip snip.

I've never used my mom's electric sewing machine. but it had thread that matched the majority of my pants and so I went for it.

No pedal. I was confused. But there was a button that said "start" so I pressed it. And figured it out.

Well it was really exciting, the speed of the needle and trying to keep up with it. Surprising, Hallie. One thing that hasn't broken that you've encountered. (patting ma back)

And there. I finished. But two pants needed hand-hemmed because the thread in the machine didn't match and I didn't want to go there. and it took forever to hand hem and made me anxious. Sewing machines rock too much!

Well I haven't gone through EVERY pair of pants yet. But. guess what. THEY ARE ALL TOO SHORT! I look like a friggin idiot every day. Good thing kids don't care. But Gina does and she makes fun of me everyday. Shameless.

So if you want to buy me pants, do it. size 8 petite/short. And you may comment curses to make me feel better.

Thursday, October 22

Gateway Discover Museumy

Today I went on a field trip with my 2nd grade class to the Gateway Discovery Museum in SLC.

blew my mind. And I fell even more in love. with. children. They just bring so much joy to life and I am really glad I got to play like a kid all day. And that is how it's gonna be the rest of my life! No way.

Monday, October 19

2nd first day this year.

First conversation I heard as 2nd grade students were coming in:

Steve: You're an amateur.
Jack: WHAT?!
(Steve runs away.) That's not a word you hear in elementary school let alone 2nd grade.

I look up during writing time and Millie is pretending she's blind. Then she does this tricky hand motion to her eyes and she isn't blind any more. It's really entertaining. She does this often.

Richard: "Where's Dallin?"
Brian: "I think he's got the swine flu."
Richard: "I hope so!"

My teacher has candy, cereal, and/or pretzels in every corner of her room. I like this lady. I put an orange and green skittle in my mouth at the same time. It's a good combo, try it.

Well she gives out like one m&m or one skittle for good behavior/finished work. This happens several times during the day. Before she hands any edible item, a student goes around distributing squirts of with hand sanitizer. I'm taking tallies tomorrow for how many times the students apply hand sanitizer. That'll be cool to see. Very appropriate precaution.

Sunday, October 18


I was thinking about it in church today. How I have to do the Teacher Work Sample to graduate. It's due a week from tomorrow. Then I thought...what if I turn it in late? Like just whenever I get it done? They can't hold back my graduation date just for turning it in late. This is graduation we're talking about here. Graduating from college. No one is a big enough jerk to be like "hey, your TWS was a week late, you can't graduate."

lost and FOUND

Found it! I left my journal at church and the bombest girl in the ward took it home with her because she didn't want to leave it in the accessible lost and found.

Wednesday, October 14


Is there anything worse than leaving your journal somewhere? I submit that there is NOT!

Where people can just pick it up and read it? It's like leaving your soul behind! Here, just look into my soul and know everything I think about.

Bye 4th grade :(

I am exactly half way DONE!
I'd like to electronically say goodbye to Lindon Elementary. I will really miss those kids. How they tease me when I call the scissors "knives" and other accidental happenings that I can't think of right now.

Oh man those kids! Like the little skater boy who would always talk to me when he wasn't supposed to: "Miss Shumway, look at my emo eraser" "Miss Shumway, do you like my new shoes?" "Miss Shumway, smell this pencil." haha and another boy who was in love with me. And one boy that I avoided calling on because his comments always involved violence in the most awesome form. They all remind me of myself when I was their age.

I have three days off, the weekend, then I'll start 2nd grade at my sister's school! that. will. be. INCREDIBLE. What a ride I'm loving this.

Friday, October 9

I miss my daddy

The last day he was here, I got in the car to do something...probably learn how to put gas in the CNG car. (Or is it C & G? I don't know)
He had peanut butter in the middle console.

Pointing to it, I ask: "Just in case you get hungry?"
Dad: "No, I'm taking it by Lowe's or home depot."
He wouldn't explain himself, but he said it like it was so normal that it didn't register for a couple miles...
Me: "Why are you taking it to lowe's?"
Dad: "To see if they'll mix it up for me, have you ever seen them mix up the paint buckets?"
Me: "yes..."
Dad: "Yeah I am just sick of having to mix it with the egg beaters because it still separates, so I'm going to have em put it in the paint mixer and see if it'll stay mixed"

Oh man. I hope I get awesome like that when I'm old.

Thursday, October 8

Cinnamuhun Guhum

So ya know how when I chew cinnamon gum my tongue feels like I just rubbed it with sandpaper? Well does anyone else feel this sensation?

Sunday, October 4

Conferencial Cousin Times

My parents are out of town, my aunt is out of town, and my cousins are in town. So we took over my aunt's vacant house and watched conference. I'll list the 7 things I never want to forget about conference this year.

1. When I arrived, I saw 4 cousins and 2 people I had never seen before. I didn't know at the time, but one of those randoms was a recent convert, we'll call her Janice, and this was her first conference experience. Let's just say I ruined it for her. Probably made her leave the church. Here's why, a, b, and c:

a. During the first talk I tripped over something and started to say the d word but saved myself. Sounded something like "DAmdangit!"

b. A half hour into the first session an asian lady began speaking and half the people left the room for a snack.
me: "Just cuz she's asian guys, come ON!"
cousin 1 (female even): "No it's because she's a woman." Typical.
This was about the time Janice left the room. I didn't notice she left until later.
She came back after the session dressed up to go to the afternoon session by herself. As she was waiting for my cousin to get ready to drive her...

c. (K before I tell you what I did let me remind you how difficult it is for someone like me to sit through two hours of conference.)
I located a target: the light switch. Then I began punching, kicking at, and pretending to destroy this light switch. My cousins passed it off as normal for me, so I looked to see a fresh reaction. It's Janice, looking at me with a hint of horror but mostly disgust. When my cousin called to ask if she wanted to go to dinner/movie later, I don't know what Janice told her. But my cousin had to break away from us to hang out with her alone. DAmdangit.

2. Setting: Cousin 1 handing cousin 2 a piece of candy
Cousin 2: "I don't like that candy it's gross!"
Cousin 1: "You're gross!"
all cousins in unison: "Your mom's gross!" (funny because their mom is my aunt. so we are dissing our aunt.)

3. At half time, between the sessions, 8 cousins piled into a mini van and drove to the local grocery store. When we arrived, I spotted a cart with a toy car attached. I ran to it and managed (don't ask how) to get in. My cousin with a cast/boot on her foot hopped into the main cart. One cousin pushed us and the rest followed. We spent most our time browsing the drugs section. Eye drops...

4. As I write notes during conference, if I don't pay attention to a speaker, i write their name and put a "repeat" sign next to it, like one used in sheet music (:) Gina decided that was a brilliant idea and picked it up. A man stood up to speak (Kent Watson) and after only a few seconds Gina wrote a ":" and walked out.

5. President Packer, if you noticed, spoke from a chair.
I thought out loud: "He's next."
Cousins: "HALLIE!"

6. Cousin 3: What does "Balm of Gilead" mean?
Cousin 4: "It's like chapstick for your soul"

7. And my favorite. Alyson had the worst time staying awake. So she did these movements to keep herself awake. I loved nothing more than to catch a movement out of the corner of my eye and glancing over, only to see her swaying her arms, rolling her head around, or rocking back and forth. Like she was mental or something. Oh man good times.

Thursday, October 1

Happy October

I love this vid. (Click on "this vid" mom) I spent way to much time with Paint drawing pictures and writing in a poem for my class last year. Then my brother Ethan did an amazing voice for it and was hilarious. He sounds like 80 years old but he's not 80.

Please view to make the most of your October. Or die. You choose.


Speaking to my observer from BYU at school:

Me: Where am I assigned to teach next? (In two weeks I'll switch schools for the remainder of the year.)
Observer: Grovecrest. (In Pleasant Grove) We try to have one diverse school and one nondiverse school in your student teaching experience.
Me: Which of those schools is diverse?
Obs: The one you are at.
(In my head I am thinking of the two brilliant bilingual rich kids that they passed as "diverse.")
Me: If I want to be at another school, would that opinion count for anything?
Obs: I'm not sure, but I can ask! Where do you want to be instead?
Me: Westmore. My sister teaches there.
Obs: Well I can't guarantee anything but I'll see what they say.


THEY ARE LETTING ME GO TO WESTMORE!! I'll be teaching at the same school as my sister for 7 weeks! And it is the lowest funded school in the county! And there are as many white kids in that school as there are snowflakes in the summer. So diverse experience I will have! Yay. Love em. Love it. mmmmhm!

Tuesday, September 29

My dad feeds my dog 2 week old chocolate chip cookies from the grocery store for treats. They never got eaten because he's been hiding them by his bed.

Hiking Rock Canyon.

Passing a man that is taking it real slow...He's on his way out.
He starts talking but since my music is on in my ear canal I can't hear him
So I take the earplugphones out. Only to find it wasn't worth it:
"You're one of those tough girls."
I just like to hike. I don't like the gym. Gyms are for people that never get bored. And like the smell of rubber.
And you could probably beat me up.

Saturday, September 26

I am babysitting my nieces

And we just jump on the tramp every four hours and decorate sugar cookies with lots of sprinkles and play dress up then we do some sidewalk chalk and then take naps.

This is the life I agreed to when I was in heaven. none of this hard work/real life/career stuff.


It's funny how I'm all artsy this semester.

Like all August I picked up my dusty rusted string red acoustic guitar and I've been practicing...
(primary songs....I know. I just don't know how to memorize songs so I am trying to learn how.)

And I made these pretty chandeliers out of my new zealand shells. I should take pictures so you know what I'm even saying. But yeah every beach & each beach visit I picked up a shell. So if you can imagine I have a lot of shells hehehe giggle giggle giggle I'm so MAD I'm not there. Wait...wait a sec...yeah I just went there in my head and that was incredible.

Um just kidding I'm not going to take a picture because I just google imaged seashell chandeliers and I feel really lame now. There are some really awesome ones out there. Jerks. Oh here's one. Yeah.

Well now I am obsessed with music. I love this song called "Saltwater Room" by Owl City. And I got these free credits from some music store online so I bought some of their stuff and some of the arctic monkeys and I like them. especially their name. So arctic monkeys and know how it is...

Now my next art visit before the end of the year will be theater. Or dance.

BTW This is me taking a break from writing my "Teacher Work Sample" AKA "TWS" AKA Swear word AKA like my thesis AKA Oh man.

Thursday, September 24

hair we are!

It's called the "sophistication and spunk"

Wednesday, September 23

A kid from my class peed in a cup as a dare for recess today.

I Love "Wacky Wednesdays!"

Here is my schedule for Wacky Wednesdays!

Teach Mathematics (patterns? YAY! Love patterns.)
Teach Reading (Historical Fiction! Getting observed. And graded. But it's going to be killer good!)
Lunch. Enough said, right? Am I right?
Kids are at computers!
Art & Music!

Oh boy is it excellent.

Friday, September 18

an intervention of my career path

Brother: Hallie, are you drunk?
Hallie: No, I've just had a long day and I'm exhausted.
B: well you sound drunk.
H: Yeah I just taught all day and the lessons were pretty demanding
B: I'm going to make a prediction. Do you want to hear my prediction?
H: Sure. (I knew what he was about to say...something about...
B: You are going to hate being a teacher. I teach adults at church and I hate teaching them. Can't imagine how much I would hate teaching kids.
H: I am just going to try this out for a year. I need money. This is a career. Everyone needs money. No one loves to work. (This is the only thing that is inarguable and would satisfy him/shut him up.)
B: Blah blah blah this and that I can't even remember what he said.

It's funny. Each member of my family has given me a personal intervention of my career choice. Like I am choosing to do something suicidal.
"Sooooo....what Gina's want to do that?"
As if Gina is on life support, hanging by a thread or something.

I am going to be a teacher. It's too late to change my mind. Plus what else would I do? Business? Ha. Art? double ha. MFHD (Marriage Family Human Development) K I don't even think those words belong together. This fits me and I'm glad I will graduate with a certificate and degree in 3 months!

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Geneology - Family history

Friday, September 11

I am 9 years old.

Almost to Lindon Elementary School, my mom calls.
Mom: "Did you forget your lunch?"
Me: "Yes."
Mom: "Well I am going up that way this morning, I can bring it by"
Me: "Thanks, just leave it at the main office and text me."

I get to school early and tell my teacher "I am going to sound like I'm 8 years old but my mom is bringing me my lunch because I forgot it so I might have to step out and get it."

My mom in the main office, 20 minutes after school starts:
"What room is Hallie Shumway in? I'm her mom, can I just drop it off in her classroom?"
Secretary: "Oh no no no, we'll call her in."
Mom leaves, confused.

Sitting in my classroom during journal sharing time, Intercom announces: "Miss Barley? Will you send Hallie Shumway to the main office?"
Great. I thought I could get away with those kids not knowing my first name.
My teacher busts out in quiet, mocking laughter.
I leave the classroom and walk to the office like a bashful 9 year old in trouble. As I turn the corner, I see my mom walking out to her car. So I run out & yell "Thanks mommy!"

I walk into the main office.
"I'm Hallie Shumway"
Secretary, embarrassed: "Oh! I'm so sorry I thought you were a student!"

Thanth, Mith Thecretawy. I feew wame enouf having my mommy bwing me my wunch. Then you call me over de innercome wike I'm in fowrf gwade.

I walk back in the classroom. "Hi, Hayley!" One student mocks.
"My name isn't HAYLEY!"

Sunday, September 6

The social aspect of my life

If you put "hours per week of social life" on the y coordinate and "time since she's been back from NZ" on the x coordinate, you would see a slow but steady increase. I purposely dropped off the planet this summer. It felt kind of good to pretend I didn't exist.

Then I started going crazy. There were no more books to read or something, I don't know what happened. So I started spending time with friends. Then the social itch comes back and you gotta just keep getting out of the house or you'll go crazy. Now it feels good to exist and play with people.

I still need to work on initiating things. I have really loyal friends that invite me to stuff. I never have to do much, I just do what they are doing. So I think I need to have a party soon.

The trouble with me is that I always get a cold sore or a massive zit on my face that makes me want to not exist again. Like on a holiday weekend.

cupcake craze

My mom and I keep making cupcakes from cupcake books. The ladybug is a red m&m! They were so fun to make.

We were bored last weekend and made banana cupcakes. With real homemade butter-cream frosting. Which is a pretty long process! I feel so cool.
Here's a pic from online. Ours looked better.

I don't have pictures of those because they got DELETED WITH MY HIKING TIMP PHOTOS! Technology isn't always reliable huh.

Then while I'm on a roll here, monday at school the pta catered a parent-teacher volunteer meeting. They were serving these in popcorn boxes, on top of white chocolate popcorn. oh my heck they were so good.

It's fast Sunday and I'm on a diet. This is helping me get through.
I'm starting to like fourth grade...

Wednesday, September 2

4th Grade

I have been waiting to have a semi-good day to write on this blog. Because to be honest I don't think anyone wants to hear a pity party on sharing time! Right?

Well today was my first good day in a while and I like it a lot.
Why I had bad days?
Because I had/have a mental block against 4th grade. I was the girl everyone made fun of and didn't want to be partnered up with in 4th grade. Everytime I would try and play with others they would say "You're too hyper." I made friends by 5th grade and I've been ok ever since, but there is something about 4th grade kids that I just don't like very much...even a decade later. 4th grade is the last grade I would want to teach. I have more reasons but I want to forget about them so I can be a good teacher.
Today I taught math and instead of being intimidated by the students and by the content of the lesson I took charge and I had fun. It was a good day.

Wednesday, August 19


Is my first FIRST DAY of school as NOT a student...ish.

It's going to be way cool. I've been helping set up the classroom and I've been to a bunch of faculty meetings and even back to school night. I think I'm going to be fine next year when it's all MINE!

Anywayzzzzz I am really excited and I am working really hard so I can prove to whoever I need to prove it to that I will be a great asset to your school. As a teacher. In January. To replace that pregnant teacher you have.
two scoops of protein and one spoonful of hot fudge with milk, ice, and banana blended in a bullet. does that sound wrong to you?

Saturday, August 15

the latest reunion

barrel racing.

adjusting the straps. the shortest setting wasn't short enough.

My gramma hovering over my dad, insisting that we talk about her ancestors when we were talking about my grampa's ancestors

good cousin times. Love them!

Transition Summer

This summer has been filled with transitions:
coming home from NZ
overcoming jetlag
a new ward
not living with single ladies
living with parents
looking for a job lifestyle
getting a job. which required a:
new sleeping schedule.
quitting that job after a couple months
new sleeping schedule
new ward because fall housing didn't work out
living with parents...always a transition
starting student teaching next week
the student teaching be experienced.
I wish there was some kind of love transition in here too. I'll pretend there was.

Monday, August 3

A word to the wise...

don't try to walk outside in the middle of the day in bare feet in 115 degree arizona while someone tries to find the key into the side door of the hotel building you are staying at. No, there isn't any grass to step in, it is replaced with rocks, which are hotter than the sidewalk.

3:55 a.m.

6 sleeping cousins in a hotel room.
my phone alarm goes off at 3:55am (it's set automatically to ring on weekdays at this time)
I had earplugs in though so everyone else woke up then started yelling at me!
I finally heard it and switched my phone off.
a few seconds of silence...
I broke it with: "Welcome to my life every day."
more silence.
6 sleeping cousins.

Little glimpses of July

another priceless reunion pic from the cabin. strawberry shortcake

mom and me at mimi's
seriously you get a buy one get one free "just enough lunch" and get the soup and salad for like $5. best deal of my life.

Gina's concert where she blew everyone away but this old man took the prize. I have never wanted to hurt someone so badly in my life.

Oh this is just me on tibble lake or whatever. just rafting. Refused to button my lifejacket and my aunts got mad. Yeah I'm so living on the edge.

Saturday, August 1

Arizona for my Gramma's 81st is bringing out the best in me

I drove half-way. As we were finally pulling up to Gramma's, my mom and sister were finishing their discussion on my driving performance. Like I have some kind of sign on my forehead that says "How's my driving? Discuss it while I listen!"
I ended up sort-of agreeing with what they were saying and said: "driving on this trip helped me realize that maybe I should not have been issued a license."

You know what I hate? Shopping lists. You write up this list (or in this case your mom gives you a list) and it has no organization to it. And if you are not familiar with the store's floor plan, you find yourself walking the length of the store at least 6 times before checking out with everything you need. I can't think in my brain "ok so the cookies are going to be in the back by the milk then the dressing is going to be on the same isle as the pimentos which THEY DO NOT CARRY then the bread will be right next to the ice cream!" UGHHH.

Then there is the diving board. It's real fun for the short moment between jumping off and water-contact. But how am I supposed to know how to form my body in a way that no surface will get a giant SLAP? And my sister swears I "skipped" like a rock when I tried to do a long-distance dive. And don't ever try the "lean sideways and see how far you can go without breaking your fall." I swear my face will never feel the same again.

It's nice to be out of provo though. and utah. you do have it hot but you don't even know what you're talking about until you come down here. I kind of like it though. murder-hotness.

Oh and Gina started our stay off right with our Barbie head wars! We had just walked in and I went to the bathroom. As I opened the door, I saw Gina's shadow fleeing the premises. I looked down and saw what I thought was a furry animal. No. It was my good friend Stacy Barbie Head. Startling.

Sunday, July 26

4th Annual Shumway Reunion

The last two weekends I have been at reunions. The first was with my immediate fam. There are 18 of us! I'll talk about the second reunion later.

This year's reunion was a really fantastic one. It was Gina and my turn to take charge and we mostly played it by ear. Whatever we felt like doing we just did it! Like the...
Talent Show
little tods dancing

Ranger rides!
Pool in Kamas

Everyone arrived on Thursday afternoon and I wanted to go to the Heber Farmer's Market. So I took the two boys pictured above.
It was a blast to walk around the little shops with them. We held hands and stuck together through the tight crowd and because they were so good we got kettle corn!
On our way back my mom called and asked that we drop by the grocery store to pick up a couple needed items. So we went. And of course we got the cart with the play car attached to the front.
Well as we were checking out the boys were playing tug-of-war with the steering wheel. Little did I know how far they took this.
Walking out to the car my sister called, needing one more thing. So I wheeled back around to go back in the store and saw Jonah (pictured left) biting Ty's cheek (pictured right). Then Ty bit Jonah's shoulder. Large welts emerged. So I wheeled around the store looking for an awkward item that I didn't want to ask anyone for with two bawling little boys. When people would give me various faces I'd respond with "nephews."
We had a good chat on the 20 minute drive back to the cabin, with the boys retelling the story, changing it each time. We decided it hurts less to be nice and that biting is not nice.

Thursday, July 16


So good. Like incredible. I laughed. Didn't cry but wanted to.

Harry Potter looks like my friend from high school, Sean. He is wearing my cardigan. I'm letting him borrow it for a little bit because I encourage the male population to wear cardigans.

Well we met up with 6 others at the theater and waited in line. which was the biggest line ever but totally worth it. We sang "Puppet Pals" and this kid we were with kept putting his face right next to mine every time I would turn away. So that when I turned back his face would be right there. Yeah I think the realness in people comes out after midnight and it's awesome.

Here's puppet pals:

cheese and pimento

my dad has an obsession with pimentos
you mix mayo, shredded cheddar, and pimento. (what is that sick black liquid is pictured above? ink?) Then you put a dollop on white bread. I have to admit, it is tasty. but whenever my mom goes to the grocery store he makes sure she gets some. and this has happened 3 times within the past few weeks. wow dad.

Wednesday, July 1

running out of gas

I ran out of gas yesterday coming home from work. I coasted down a hill and ended up just a quarter mile from a gas station. well the gas station didn't have a gas can seriously Chevron? SERIOUSLY? You've got to be the worst excuse for a gas station this town's ever seen. K I'm not that mad but come on. Think what you represent and how not having a gas can really messes that up for you.

And P.S.: if you are a resident of that apartment complex by the chevron on canyon road. Canyon Terrace is it? And you don't lock your bike up? Well I almost borrowed your bike for a few minutes. So thanks for tempting me to steal and next time just lock it up.

Well I was on my way to do water aerobics so since I was missing out on my exercise I just decided to walk the three miles home. I felt silly because I was in work-out clothes but I had my purse...I could totally see myself as an old lady and carrying my purse everywhere even to exercise.

So the moral of the story is that I really enjoyed the situation because I got to walk. I am really trying to be more self-sufficient.

If you want to keep reading it gets better.

So my mom dropped me off later and waited as I filled up my tank with my dad's gas can (thank you dad for always having a full gas can) Well there is this metal flap that a gas can straw won't open. So I stuck a sundance pen to keep the flap open while I filled up. Notice that I got three interviews from sundance, applied to 8 jobs with sundance and they never called me back and I hate sundance. So there's my revenge. And I left that gas-soiled sundance pen in the GUTTER! I don't often litter so this was a big deal.

Well the car wouldn't start. Well it would and I went to the middle of the road then it died and it wouldn't pick up any of the gas I gave it. And we stopped traffic. So my mommy pushed my car with her car and went super fast then let me soar kind of like teaching me to ride a bike, just pushing me off and I didn't have much control over how fast I hit that curb. Actually I guess I could have used the brakes so never mind.

I said the d word 4 times trying to fill up at the gas station. "Please put the pump back and wait while we lower you gas price." then I forgot to fill up the gas can. And it wouldn't accept my card so i had to walk over to the other pump. I felt like my dad for some reason. And my mom was watching me and her window was down and she was just cracking up the entire time just watching me. I love my mom she could have been totally ticked because I wasted a half hour of her day but she just made it funner.

I want to be a trekkie now

I know this is old news to all of you since you've already seen it but I saw this last night and I liked this movie a lot and Spock (blue box) is hotter than Mr. I think I'm hot main character (yellow box)

Thursday, June 25

Cupcake Party!

For my nieces and nephews i made rainbow cupcakes! This party was promised before viewing the movie "Up." I told them if they sat through the whole movie, we'd have a cupcake party! I'm a really nice aunt.

We decided to throw in a pizza as well.

The moms! Shelley came later...

Ty practicing his modeling. He is such a cutie!

The two baby boys! Shawn can slide down the slide and suck his thumb at the same time.

So...I guess all the cupcake icing was pretty intense on the tongue. We had to give the babies the lighter colors...just in case.

water fountain fun! Taylor (female, left) got a paper towel and wiped off everyone's dirty face.

Then I got them all sitting in a row. I really love all these kids. Living with the parents is nice because I get to see them more often. I'll take them all home with me and keep them forever, please.