Tuesday, January 22

P & P to the max

What did I do during the 3 day weekend? Oh, just watched the really long version of Pride and Prej...mmmmhm.

27 dresses

If you are a movie critic or can't appreciate a good chick flick fix, then don't go. But if you need a good chick flick fix, go. I thoroughly enjoyed it. thoroughly. and I have never used that word before.

I didn't mean it like that

"You two off to bed?"
-to my roommate and her boyfriend. My roommate was getting up to say goodbye to this guy so I was asking if they were separately going to bed.

"nice bottoms"
-to my friend's boyfriend...he was wearing stretchy pants with basketball shorts and I thought the ensemble was cool, so I said "nice bottoms" to compliment that combination. No one knew that is what I meant though and now everyone says "nice bottoms" to each other.