Thursday, November 6

go see it

why are you reading this? go see it!


k NOW!

no seriously it is worth dropping whatever you are doing!

go go Go Go GOOOO!

Oh sorry

what I was for Halloween

at the elementary school:
a cowgirl. because the kids and teachers were NOT allowed to dress up on halloween but every friday because their mascot is wranglers you can dress up as a wrangler. So I went all out y'all

at the stake party and other lame parties:
a geisha.

at the nov 1st after party:
sarah palin.

all these are lame because the first one wasn't really a costume and the parties weren't as cool for my second costume and sarah palin lost the election. She should run next time. And by that I mean the real one. Because I was so easily confused with her it wasn't even funny.

write something!


So I taught for the first time this week. Nerve racking. Kids are great though. All my classes are postponed until December while I am at the elementary school. And guess what? I am 10 times happier because I am teaching actual kids. I'm not in class, stressing about fake things. I am doing what I want to do so I have a better perspective about life.

I sold my contract for winter semester because I am going to New Zealand on January 5th 2009.
I am down with some annoying sickness.
I cut my hair off. It's like above my shoulders a-line type thing. I like it.
My elementary school has a display of fake guns that look real in the library.
It also has stuffed deer heads and other wild mammals that are stuffed.
I am watching Peter Pan at my brother's house while babysitting because they are going to find out if Shell's baby is a boy or girl. I say boy? hm. They told me I would be the first to find out. other than the doctor and them.
I can't breathe out of my right nostril.

just found out...a third girl!