Tuesday, November 17

the next three days are going to be a never ending interview.

I don't know if this is even going to happen. but I think my principal is on the prowl for a new teacher. And I think I am his #1 victim. He came in while I was teaching a small reading group and he and my classroom teacher were talking about me! Come to find out he was asking when I was getting my teaching certificate and if I would be good in upper grades!! Then he was all "I may just pop in a few times to sit in a some lessons this week" Uhhhh ogkaayyy? I am feeling prepared every day when I teach, so I don't think I am nervous for things in my control. I feel intimidated. And sometimes kids will do stuff and it's like "how do I respond to you?"
But seriously oh my heck. These last three days. I have to be awesome. Because I might get a job here. I am on trial. ah. Stop thinking about it! It would seriously be the best thing ever though.


A student wouldn't sit in his desk. When asked why, he said: "My desk is haunted"

Teaching a small reading group, one of my favorite little boys that looks like harry potter (NOT daniel, the one I pictured in my head.) had a pink smudge on his glasses. How he even managed to see I don't know. When I pointed it out to him, he said "Oh, that would be yogurt," and let me clean it off for him.