Thursday, February 14

I watch a different television show each weeknight.

Monday is American Gladiator night. About 50 people gather in one apartment in my complex and watch it. Some people dress up, and we are all rooting for one side or the other. It gets pretty intense.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights are American Idol. They are down to the top 24 now and I am really happy with the outcome. However I would have chose Kyle over Colton but whatever. I am really into the two mormon contestants.

Thursday nightshould be The Office. But the idiot writers can’t get over themselves. So I just started watching LOST last week. It is pretty good I think I will watch the first two episodes online now.

Friday night is, of course, Friday Night Lights. Really dramatic but I don’t have enough of that in my own life so it makes up for it. See my roommate's take on it

Monday, February 11

Thoughts going through my brain

I am going on my second date with someone!
and the last time this technically happened was...hmmm...high school? I guess you could count the summer before last but those weren't technically dates.

I need to get my eyebrows waxed!

I need to take a shower

My sister and mom commented on my horrible breath...sorry if you have been a victim!

I want to be a red head again. Or at least have a red tint.

So I might go on a mission in the fall...should I stay at the apartment I am in or should I move in with my parents? What if I start dating someone that is coming home in the summer? I would go to school instead of on a mission. I wouldn't want to live with my parents unless I am definitely going on a mission. Ughhh why can't I just KNOW everything that will happen to me this year!