Sunday, January 9

Christmas Break & New Year so far

The epic tale I was talking about was when I gave my parents a pup for Christmas. My dad was TIIIICKED to say the least. But somehow, through prayer and faith, he warmed up to the pooch and we got to keep him.
His name is Dasher, like the reindeer. I don't have a picture right now but I'll get around to it sometime haha.

The other hit of my break was New Year's Eve. I had a mash of a bash party!!! It was semi-formal with martinelli's and confetti poppers at midnight. Then of course some boogieing afterward. Thanks to my dad's DI purchase of two huge speakers and lots of cool beautiful people, it was soooo fun. Next year I will be better about arranging so that more people will kiss.

Coming back Monday was weird. 3 of my students had moved out over the break, which was bittersweet.
One of my students gives me a hug every time I get frustrated. She's the only one that can tell. Once she said "If you were a candy bar, I'd be a fun-size!" I was a little offended, taking it as a fat joke. But of course she meant well so I told her how clever she was. How dare she.

Speaking of which, I joined Gold's Gym. I don't do gyms. But I don't really have a choice do I? I love food but I hate being overweight. I've tried to give up food. But I can't do it. So I guess I'll just compensate. And compensate I did, my cousin and I went all but two days last week. It feels good to exercise, let's just hope I can bring myself to eat healthy too? No, not yet. Baby steps.

The thing I am most excited about this year is all that will happen that I don't plan on. Those are the things that make life fun and unpredictable. How bout you?