Wednesday, May 7

Sum Reading

Get it? Well it means "summer reading" but I abbreviated the summer part. Last week I read "Wuthering Heights" in one week. I can't say it like that so I call it "wurthering heights" so yeah. It was alright. I didn't like the part where heathcliff gets all abusive but oh well. I am starting Enders Game right now. so yeah....see ya

Oh and do you like my new title picture and font? I made it.

Hellooo new job!

I love it. Allows me to work saturdays, take classes, have free nights, and I work with my brother.
hey thanks!

Monday, May 5

last day

To the BYU Executive Director's Office for Student Academic and Advisement Services:

Thank you for the last two years of employment. As it is my last day, I wish to recall a few memories:
and this

You were wonderful. Thank you.



Where have you been for the last 8 days, Hallie? You may ask.

I have been babysitting my cousins.