Sunday, December 27

that last post was depressing

so I'll give you a glimpse of my wonderful christmas. it really was one of the best ever. just enjoyable family times, simple, effortless, (that's a lie, but every effort was worth it) christmas.

Fondue. need I say more? rye bread dipped in cheese fondue. all the shrimp you could possible shove on the stick and still have them immersed in the hot oil. then chocolate fondue. I made angel food cake. taking it out of the metal wrap, I had the cake in one hand. not a firm grip, ya know? You always have to be on guard though, carrying anything when my brothers are around. and this is why. my brother nudged me just a tad. angel food cake turned devil. fell on the floor. of course I just picked up the used to be light, fluffy cake and broke it into bite-size pieces and of course we dipped the smashed goodness into the chocolate fondant. "Isn't this supposed to be more airy?" the murderer asked sarcastically.

Arrangements were made in the basement and the entire family stomped down the stairs to watch...the 9 grandchildren put on a nativity scene. I have never seen them all just...ya calm. And they all were, each one acted their part in almost reverence. it was the bombest thing I saw this Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas, portrayed by the most Christ-like of all of us.

Then the look on my brother's face Christmas morning, when he unwrapped the gift Gina and I had bought him. It was a duffel bag he specifically asked us to get him, really the only thing he wanted for christmas. and since his wife, santa, and mom already got him something else, we were his last resort. He used all his manipulation tactics to get gina and I to show a hint of evidence that we got it for him. "Hey I saw you at Costco this week" was one of them. well he failed. and he honestly thought we didn't get him the bag. So that priceless reaction of pure surprise was truly a gift.

and I got everything I wanted and for the first time I can ever remember, I am not taking anything back to return. It's been a very merry week!

feel better now? I do.

It's just an awkward week.

today I found myself in the middle of saying "Merry Christmas," feeling really awkward, and not remembering what the next holiday was (New Years) so I ended up sounding like this:

"Merry Chrim---uhh...yeah."
5 seconds later
"Happy New Year!"

Close your eyes and envision with me for a sec. I guess you need to keep your eyes open to read, but after you read this post, close your eyes and imagine.

You have been done with school since Thanksgiving break. Since then, you've worked a total of 5 not much going on. Then you got another week of "break" then you don't really know how often you'll be substituting when the "break" ends. So for all I know, I'll be on a break until I get a real job. no offense, substitute office. K now close your eyes and imagine. how crazy. I am going to be. you might say "that sounds nice, a long break. I really need one of those" no, you don't. too much break = broken