Saturday, February 27

my gramma

has a key to the stake center.

Where's the nearest kinko's gramma?

"Oh, you don't need to go kinko's!" So she drove gina and i to the stake house this morning so gina could make copies of her resume and letters of recommendation.

kehehe sneaky gramma.

it's funny how you learn more about people after spending your whole life with them

that is how i feel on this trip with my sister. i have seen sides of her i haven't seen before and i love her more because of it.

I went on this trip knowing my needs and wishes would come second...for the first time in my life probably. the purpose of this trip was to make my sister's life as easy as possible. And after hours spent alone, waiting, while she was in interviews or visiting new sites that would be her life from now on, I realized these are the places that would tear us apart, move her away from me. And here I am, encouraging it all along.

roadtrips save my life

Friday, February 26

Hallie, what were you just doing?

Oh, nothing. I was actually just getting some lemons.

Lemons, huh. From the store?

Oh, no no no. Just outside! I picked them from my grandmother's tree and they are so ripe my hands smell like lemons and they are as big as a softballish! Now I'm going to see if her grapefruit, orange and tangerines trees are ripe.
...haha yeah. All ripe and I am eating them ALL!

Oh Hal I am so jealous of you right now! Anything else cool going on?

Well There is this bird that I woke up to...I thought it sounded like a car alarm. He's still chirping away! I found a video of his brother, looks like he's a clever little mockingbird!

well sounds like you're having fun in Arizona Hallie. Just out of curiousity, what temperature is it right now?

Let me see...oh, well it's only 9am but it's 56.3 degrees.

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Sunday, February 21

The Rec!

It was snowing yesterday so I got ready to go to the indoor track at BYU.
Well I called beforehand just in case and it was closed till noon =(
So my mommy gave me $4 to go to the orem recreation center.

I love the rec! That's what we call it. It brings back fond memories of swim team, childhood swimming lessons, oh man here's a good one:
I was like five and I was in swimming lessons. two of my aunts and my mom were watching us from the balcony and there was a metal railing right in front of them. I didn't want my aunt to watch me so I would move in a place and align the railing between our eyes so it would make her blind and not see me.

Anyways so flash forward back to yesterday. $4 for ONE visit!?!? What a load of [insert word of choice]! I went to the Zumba class where there were like 100 ladies dancing crazy and it was fun to just dance crazy. Then I'm like. I want to listen to my own music and do my own thing. So I did the elliptical next to an old man. I look around. There is no one my age here. They are all old people. Oh well though right?

When I got home I realized. I DIDN'T GO IN THE SAUNA! I really wanted to go! And I paid $4 and didn't go to the sauna! I really wanted to detoxify my skin. So I turned the shower on blazing hot and filled up the tub that way instead of through the faucet. And the air in there was so thick. So I made my own sauna of sorts. It sufficed. Prolly better than being in an enclosed spaced with old people. Yeah I'm claustrophobic too. Oh good I'm glad it worked out that way now that I think of it =)