Saturday, February 27

it's funny how you learn more about people after spending your whole life with them

that is how i feel on this trip with my sister. i have seen sides of her i haven't seen before and i love her more because of it.

I went on this trip knowing my needs and wishes would come second...for the first time in my life probably. the purpose of this trip was to make my sister's life as easy as possible. And after hours spent alone, waiting, while she was in interviews or visiting new sites that would be her life from now on, I realized these are the places that would tear us apart, move her away from me. And here I am, encouraging it all along.

roadtrips save my life


Miss Gina said...

"sides of her i haven't seen" would this be in reference to how i freaked out on thursday night? just wondering...

Raymon said...

Sad. Why is Gina leaving? Does she hate us? This blog was kind of poetic. You should write. I want to read whatever you write.