Monday, August 3

A word to the wise...

don't try to walk outside in the middle of the day in bare feet in 115 degree arizona while someone tries to find the key into the side door of the hotel building you are staying at. No, there isn't any grass to step in, it is replaced with rocks, which are hotter than the sidewalk.

3:55 a.m.

6 sleeping cousins in a hotel room.
my phone alarm goes off at 3:55am (it's set automatically to ring on weekdays at this time)
I had earplugs in though so everyone else woke up then started yelling at me!
I finally heard it and switched my phone off.
a few seconds of silence...
I broke it with: "Welcome to my life every day."
more silence.
6 sleeping cousins.

Little glimpses of July

another priceless reunion pic from the cabin. strawberry shortcake

mom and me at mimi's
seriously you get a buy one get one free "just enough lunch" and get the soup and salad for like $5. best deal of my life.

Gina's concert where she blew everyone away but this old man took the prize. I have never wanted to hurt someone so badly in my life.

Oh this is just me on tibble lake or whatever. just rafting. Refused to button my lifejacket and my aunts got mad. Yeah I'm so living on the edge.