Wednesday, May 19

I don't need to stop to smell the roses, I can just drive my scooter near one

I like just driving my scooter and breathing in deeply through my nose as I pass anything blooming. Smells so good outside in many places.

Smell of the week: I specially love the smell of those hanging flowers, called wisteria. (my mom knew that...and now you and I do)

Monday, May 17

I'm three and twenty

And so far it's been splendid.

I woke up Saturday morning, when it was my bday, threw on some clothes and went to Mimi's with daddy and Gina.  
Then Gina and I went to Downeast and got some marked down designer jeans I tried on and fell in love with.  This doesn't happen very often when you have a body like mine.  Usually my parents give me money and I just use it to pay off my credit card but this year I decided to use my birthday money on something I wanted.  
Driving on the way to the farmer's market we stopped at a red light.  I saw that the stoplight would take a while so I turned up the music, got out of the car, and just danced around it.  It was my birthday and that is what I felt like doing.  So I did.  And the people in the cars around me looked at me like I was crazy.  Well I got news for you mr driver with sunglasses.  I am.
Walked around the farmer's market and tasted some honey from a wildflower region in the mountains.  it tasted so interesting and good.  
Then to the baseball game!  I met my dad, nephews, Daron, and Krystal there.  We had J-dawgs at this tailgate party.  I love J-dawgs so blasted much.
The game was fun.  Gina was on a group date so my dad and I did my best to embarrass her, yelling out stuff.
I got my hair died darker brown then trimmed.  My cousin does hair and I've wanted to see what she could do.  She was amazing.  It was fun to chat with her.  and I love getting my hair done.
Met some friends and family at Wingers.  My brother poured popcorn seeds into my kiwi sprite.
Then my birthday was over because I went to a couple parties, one was a bday party for my nz friend and the other was a tim tam slam/thai food party and no one knew it was my bday.  I liked that. It was my little secret.  And I had fun.  And the food was bomb.
Then I watched The Princess and the Frog which I have only heard bad things about.  But I really loved it.
My party could have been better if Katherine hadn't moved away and my mom wasn't in Hawaii with her sisters.  BUT I'M 23!  YAY!