Thursday, September 6

The second day of school was good too...

Yeah and I am sick.

And just barely I was bumping my head against the corner of the elevator on my way back to the office and 5 inches from my face hiding behind the railing was a spider...a big spider with strips meaning it was a HOBO

So I told my supervisor and asked if I should call the custodian of the bldg (because something like this was not in my job description)

Then I was like "no, I can kill this spider"

So I went to the custodial closet and retrieved a long pole with a duster at the end
And my supervisor supervised me as I poked the spider
And it jumped down and ran really fast toward another corner and I yelled (not remembering to be professional) "HE'S STILL ALIVE, HE'S RUNNING FAST!" so my supervisor stepped on him Real good with her shoe and I yelled, "YOU GOT HIM! HE'S DEAD!!"

And some random lady I've never seen before walked by and was like "It's just a spider? gosh."

But that was exciting

oh and the pole broke in half because that spider needed to go no matter what sacrifice was made.

So I put the broken pole/duster back in the custodial closet with a note that said "Sorry we broke your pole, it was used to kill a spider. <3, B-202"

Tuesday, September 4

Back to School, Back to School

Well I just went to my first day of School!
It will be a good year.
I have yet to go to the rest of my classes, but the first two were a HIT!

Goals for this semester:
  • Talk to someone in each class everyday--whether it be the same person or move around and meet new people.
  • Do every single reading assignment
  • Go to every single class
  • Complete every single assignment
  • Stick to my hot hal cause and go down two sizes
  • Stop making fun of people
  • Stop saying things without thinking (atleast don't do it so frequently--like Sunday night my roommate and the guy she recently started dating were standing up to leave and I asked "so are you guys off to bed?" I meant are each of them, separately, going off to bed to SLEEP. Then later I was talking about how I liked the decorations in our living room except that jar full of sand and seashells and that we needed to throw that out the window...yeah...the owner of that jar, my roommate, was sitting right next to me. I didn't think it was her's!)
And...I need to get a hot man in my life...probably not going to happen