Tuesday, February 21

T-Bow Position

Teacher: What did you do this weekend? (Calls on a student)
Student: Braden and I rode our scooters around the neighborhood.  Then we sat in the T-Bow Position on someone's front lawn.  We stayed in their yard in the T-Bow Position for like 20 minutes and we didn't move.  Then we doorbell ditched them and ran off.  I can't use the name of the person's house because they are in this class.
Teacher and other confused students: What is the T-Bow Position?  (I was afraid to ask)
Student: It's the "thinking position" Like this! (Squats and puts fist to chin)

It was an awesome moment of laughs and giggles for all.

Monday, February 20

I put egg whites

in my HAIR today

Because I read an article that says it makes my hair grow faster.

But my hair is stiff.  How can it grow when it can't even move?  pssshhhh.

Sunday, February 19

A letter from high school friends

They're both married now but took the time to send me this cute message:


Austin and I were just talking and we both agree that you helped us both out in high school. We both were awkward around girls and you helped both of us out to know how to talk to girls and come out of our cootie stage. I don't know if I formally thanked you so now I am doing so on behalf of me and Austin.

-Josh and Austin

p.s. austin and coral are hanging out with us right now in the carribean, they came down to visit and this realization came up. Luckily you were a great friend otherwise Austin would still be in middle school.