Wednesday, January 2

a time for MOVIES!

I haven't been to work or school for 2 weeks. Since the 21st. And boy did I enjoy it! And what did I do with that long beautiful break? I watched a lot of movies. So the next 10 posts will be about the movies I watched. Have so much fun okay? and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It's a Wonderful Life

One of my favorite movies--even in the category of all movies, not just Christmas. I know my life wouldn't be the same without George Bailey. Good thing he was born.


It is a family tradition to pop this video in on Christmas eve at about 10 pm. It has a great message. Would I enjoy visiting my past? Do people care about me right now? And is my death going to be a celebratory time for those who knew me?

The Holiday

Gets me every time...wonderful movie. Some of the things Kate says should be knitted to a pillow.

Mission Impossible

I mean the one with Tom Cruise but I like this picture better.


Five stars for Stardust because it has everything you want in a movie. No matter who you are, it will have something good for you. And since I am a really well-rounded person, I liked everything.

The Bourne Ultimatum


And I even followed the story line.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

I enjoyed this movie. Justin Bartha is really handsome.

You know, as long as a movie has a handsome man and some depth to the story line I will like it. No, it was not as good as the first National Treasure but by itself it is worth your time.

P.S. I Love You

I liked it because I thought it was really neat that her dead husband lined up letters and a trip for her. Every dying spouse should plan that for their living spouse. Unless that spouse was the reason why they were dying.

I am Legend

Horror. Horrific. Horrifying. Horrible.

But the story line was very intriguing.

Nightmares. Lots of nightmares.

When I wake up in the night those people are in my room, breathing quickly, waiting to pounce.

Then I just think "are they really in here?" No. And then I sing a primary song and think of spring time. I can't ever remember what happens after that because I fall asleep.