Thursday, April 29

I have applied

to 47 jobs within the past week.

I feel a storm comin.

Hopefully a storm that brings may flowers. Like teaching-job may flowers.

Even my nephew is looking out for me

I was driving my nephew home from swimming lessons today. His name is Seth and he is 6. Here is a conversation we had that I loved:

Hallie: "Look at that guy holding the flowers. Any guy with flowers is cute"
Seth: "You couldn't date that guy. You can't even see his face that well. You haven't even heard his voice."
Hallie: "That doesn't mean I can't date him"
Seth: "Not that guy. That guy's a weirdo."

The guy was on one of those leg wheeler things with a huge cast on his leg. So I guess I can see where Seth is coming from.

Then we continued our wet-willy war. We give each other wet-willies for fun. It's the best.

Oh look I found a recent photograph of the two of us:

Monday, April 26

June 30

half of me has goosebumps and the other half is laughing that I am nerdy enough to be into this.

Can't wait.

But I've only seen New Moon once, so I need to watch it again! Let's have a marathon! Anyone? Alyson? Deal?