Wednesday, May 21

boring people don't get bored

so why am I bored?

plastic cookies

I bought a pack of grandma's cookies from the vending machines and wanted them to be warm and soft. So I tore open the package for ventilation and put it in the microwave for 10 seconds. I looked in the microwave glass door and couldn't see the package, just the cookie. So I opened it and saw the package had shrunk tight agains the cookie and because the package was a picture of a cookie it looked like just the cookie in there. Funny huh. So yeah. Don't put cookies covered in plastic packages in the microwave. It was probably a not eat cookies.

Tuesday, May 20

roommate council

Last night our apartment gathered together and had roommate council. It was one of the best decisions I have made this year. It went so well, everything was laid out on the table (figuratively.) It's not like we were having issues, it is just for future issues, should they arise. We talked about pet peeves, curfew, cleaning, and emotions. I love emotions.

AND I really like my roommate Haley. She is so nice to me and lets me do whatever I want without getting mad.

Monday, May 19

Office Lango

Here are some things that have been said in my office:

"Let's all become anorexic!"
-a gathering of girls from the hotline

"There was an In-n-Out in Orem"
"No there wasn't"
"Yes there was, I remember going when I was younger!"
"Seriously, there was an In-n-Out in Orem!"
she still thinks that.

"You can use it everday, just like you use makeup"
-Some guy talking about a website

- An old man making a personal call