Friday, June 20

miss you manda

Amanda: I am going to miss you! You're my favorite ward friend. You always write me an anonymous nice note, weekly, and I know it's you because of your handwriting. You never have anything negative to say and you put a smile on everyone's face. We have so much in common, including brusing our teeth!

My favorite g-chat with you:
Amanda: PAPER/ROCK/SCISSORS!!!!!!!!!
me: YEAH!!!!!! lets play online
Amanda: okay good idea
me: k on three.... rock!
Amanda: scissors!
me: crap
Amanda: shoot!
me: k one more time
Amanda: i didn't count very well okay
me: close your eyes
Amanda: ONE
me: TWO
Amanda: THREE! rock
me: paper!
Amanda: BWAAAA shoooooooooooot
me: hahaha I WIENNN!


Wednesday, June 18

7:11 am

that is what time my alarm is set to wake me up in the mornings. Just in case you were wondering.

Tuesday, June 17