Friday, July 29

Science Teachers + Me = Disaster Series

Humans that I've encountered that are my teachers in any science usually don't like me. I have always really enjoyed science. Yet I am always confused at my grades...they don't match up. I think I know why. Let's take a walk through memory lane, shall we?:

5th Grade Science. Mr. Jacobs. We had an actual science teacher. It's not like today where a cute, nice teacher like myself teaches my children nearly all subjects. This man had hair growing out his ears. I remember a look he had, saved especially for me. A look that said, in essence, "Who the H are you? Why do you think that way? You are an alien."

7th and 8th Grade Science. Mr Barker. I pity the man after I was finished with him. I argued with him, even when I reached the point that I knew he was right. I did my own experiments, not necessarily assigned. Some of which got me detention. Like sliming glue all over my left hand, letting it dry, and peeling it off ever so carefully. What a cool sensation. And an excellent mold of the crevices of my hand. He didn't think so.

10th Grade. Mr. Belnap. The girl next to me kept making comments about "chemistry" that had nothing to do with science. She was kind of ditsy and hoey. So obviously my male teacher teased her and I lived under her shadow all year. Thank you, ditsy hoe.

11th Grade. Oh yes. Chemistry with Mr. Shelton. He was definitely my favorite. This was a special year, because I wasn't the one the teacher hated. He acted like he hated everyone. Which was so entertaining and I hope to aspire to such a reputation. If you sneezed or coughed, he would say "Shhhhh" and "Shut up." If you asked a question, he would leave a long pause after, so you felt the humiliation of your dumbness. Other kids would laugh to ease the tension. He would move on with his lecture and a straight face without any verbal reinforcement.
But he was special because we knew he loved us and that was his humor. And that made him one of my favorite teachers of all time. It didn't help my grade, but the C- is definitely one of my fondest grades.

College teachers don't count because they don't have time to care about any single student. And elementary education science...well that was impossible to not love.

But right now. This week. I am at a science training up north all week. And of course, of all the teachers training with me, the teacher/professor picks on ME most of all.
He calls me different names to spite me
He will not tell me if I am right or wrong
He makes fun of anywhere south of Salt Lake (he's an idiot)
I actually made a list of things I don't want to do in my own class because he makes me feel like an evil, misbehaved kid. I don't get this from any other teacher! OK I can think of TWO others. But always in science.
So I just read books during his lectures. Luckily we meet in a school library, so I started the Fablehaven series. I love love love it. Already on the 2nd book.