Saturday, January 9

a histerical mouse trapping

almost like a histerical pregnancy, but this has to do with mice. And live mouse traps. So not really like a pregnancy huh.

My mom and I went to Lowe's yesterday and got a live mouse trap. We've seen this mouse (we named him Nibbles) and you know how it is. Once you've named an animal, you can't kill him.

We usually see him at night, running from our pantry to underneath the oven. I actually had a dream about seeing him dancing in front of the oven, and instead of running away, he just let me lie down next to him and clap as he performed. The next thing I knew, I was petting him and cuddling him. And all of a sudden, he wasn't a cute little mouse anymore, he was the size of a cat.

So dreams and names have brought on this emotional attachment that could break my heart should his life be taken. So live mouse trap it is for our lil Nibbles.

I placed some peanut butter (organic kirkland signature, my dad's favorite!) in the very back and set up this clever mouse trap next to the oven. Well tonight. guess what. The door to the mouse trap was shut, enclosing Nibbles!

I lifted the heavy plastic container and got in the car with Gina, who chauffeured Nibbles and I to the cemetery on a hill, my favorite place in town.
"Oh my gosh!"
"what?" Gina wondered.
"I feel him moving!"
We approached the entrance to the cemetery and began looking for just the right spot. Gina put on her brights, lighting a cozy snowless little nook of trees and tall grass. I walked to the aforementioned place, carefully opened the contraption and waited. Nothing. What a scared little mousy! Then I tipped it upside down. Then I tried to look inside. I thought I saw something, but...nope.

Just the peanut butter.

Lil Nibbles tricked us all! He's still in our house. Mom said she heard him playing near the toys this morning so maybe he took a vacation from neath the oven. We'll catch you though, and give you a better home, Mr. Nibbles!

Dad in purple pants

I had a dream that I came down the stairs to find my dad wearing my purple pants. I looked at him with confusion, then he laughed and said "I just thought I'd borrow them to wear today!" So we laughed together. Then he did a dance as we kept laughing.

Tuesday, January 5

How did it go?

it went.

I like that answer to that question. so clever.
my car has no heater, so as I was breathing on my way to american fork to substitute today, I could see my breath. because the car was not warm after 20 minutes of driving and that is just how it goes. It snows, it goes.
Interview #4, and four is my lucky number, so I am going to get this one. 6th grade teacher.

Monday, January 4

A new year, a new me.

I have so many resolutions and already this year is fantastic!
  • One of my resolutions is to stop disliking people, or at least pretend I love everyone until I do get to that point.
  • Another resolution I have is to be creative in my exercise routines so I will enjoy being active. If that is even possible. I guess we'll find out.
  • And the last one I'll share with you is to be in the black this year! That means, according to, "operating at a profit or being out of debt (opposed to in the red)"
I am going to love this year! Last year is going to be really hard to compete with, what with going to New Zealand, kissing boys, and graduating! But I know I am going to love this year! I'm just going to keep saying it!