Thursday, July 8


I just got back from visiting my friend Katherine in CALIFORNIA!
I drove down with my cousins who were visiting my house last week. The car was packed but I slept most of the way! They live in Orange county so I rode the train down to San Diego where Kath picked me up.
Sunday we went to church and ate food at the bishop's after. stuffed myself. Since it was the fourth we said "hey! let's go watch fireworks!" so we did. Crazy traffic but hey. it's a holiday. what did we expect?

picture of Denise (Kath's cousin) Katherine, and ME at fireworks!

Monday Kath and I waited in line for like an hour for breakfast a Konos. Worth it? YES! Just yum yum food food. It was our first time and people told us to share but we ignored them. We each got the big breakfast which included an english muffin, eggs, amazing potatoes (with cheese and onion) and bacon. We should have shared.
On the way back from breakfast, oh it's now noon by the way, we decided to go to DISNEYLAND! So we did. And it was the best decision I've ever made. Traffic was bad. But again, may I remind myself, what do you expect on the day off for a holiday?
Disneyland was, of course, PIZACKED! But we got to squeeze in all our favorite rides. My top three are Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Screamin California, and Soarin. (hehe I had to say four because it's DISNEYLAND and I can.) What are yours?

TUESDAY kath had to workey work. So she let me just drop her off and use her car. And listen to how lame I am. I dropped her off, then I went back to the house and just slept :) Till lunch. When I woke up, I got a call. I GOT THE JOB! My life was officially real life now. No more playing around with no salary.
Picked kath up for lunch, we went to this new york sandwich place.
Then I buckled down and went to places after dropping her off. Went to Balboa park, so beautiful. Then to Sea World GUESS WHAT? You can buy a shopping pass there for $69 dollars and if you come back within an hour they REFUND you all the money! So I jogged around the whole park and was able to see/do everything I wanted. Including seeing SHAMU jump vertically completely out of the water!!!!! Amazing.
We got REAL Thai food that night. mmmmm.

Wednesday I dropped kath off at work then went to the TEMPLE which is so beautiful, I've always wanted to go. I wish I could see the whole thing :) Someday! With a lover! I will!
Went to this crappy bagel place by Von's. DON'T EAT THERE.
then to La Jolla Cove where I hiked around the rocks and saw widdle baby cwabs! and SEA WIONS! I gave the bagel idea another shot and got yummy yummy a blueberry scone at a bakery off the beach. Breakfast was redeemed.
Then to old town. I just drove around, didn't look like something I'd enjoy. Then to Cabrillo National Monument. They have a lighthouse you can walk into and a nice little path on the rocky cliffs off the beach.
Met Kath and her friends at lunch at this DELICIOUS place called Croutons. Salads. Soups. Sandwich.
Then I went to my favorite place that i want to live at forever. Coronado. So beautiful and it reminds me of the nice towns of New Zealand. sniff sniff. Parked. no change for the meter! there was 20 minutes left from the last guy. whew. Went to Coronado Hotel and walked the beach.
Then to the FARMER'S MARKET! I allowed myself one treat. I got four. he gave me a DEAL! I ate one on the beach, gave one to kath when I picked her up, and two are in my freezer.

5.4 magnitude. I was gettting gas before picking up katherine. I didn't have shoes on. I put the nozzle in the car. The ground swayed and I looked around, trying to decide where I could be the safest. I froze. I couldn't move. the guys next to me swore and labeled the shake as a "big" earthquake. I figured there would be an aftershock and I'd be alone!!! So I just put the nozzle back in the machine and drove away to be with Katherine. AHHHHH! I survived an EARTHQUAKE!

I made it to Katherine's work (wheW!!) and she drove my to the airport. Wah. I am back to normal life. Not that my life is normal. BUT I LOVED MY TRIP! I did everything I wanted to do and I got to go to DISNEYLAND. So magical. It was good to be with my friend and step out of my life.