Monday, May 23

Attempted Pup Murder

There's a dog in my neighborhood. Looks like this one. It has instinctively killed fourteen chickens and laid them in a row without a feather lost. Kind to humans and children, we thought it could make friends with our little shih tzu pup, Dash.

Here he is with his pretty-boy friends:

And that German Shorthair did accept Dash as his friend. In his own way. Luckily he didn't kill dash like it looked like he was doing. If he wanted to, he could have crushed Dasher's ribs with one false munch. And luckily I was there to pull Dash out of what seemed to be murder. As I dove to capture the fleeing pup, I broke my toe. Dash was unharmed and has a positive attitude about his new friend.

Was my broken toe worth saving my pup? yes.
Does my toe hurt? Indeed.
Does school end in exactly 3 days from this moment? HECK YEAH!!!!