Thursday, April 1

April Fooling

Cute fifth grade boy, class clown, with a fro that looks like a weeping willow, kept taping paper "fish" to the backs of students and made a humongous one for Mrs. Draper.

He made one for me too, but I always caught him before he could successfully attach it to me.

Walking out of the school, a coworker said, "You have something on your back." I smiled at the thought of froboy's stealth.

I have no idea when he could have done it, because it had to be after I put on my coat at the end of the day. When I removed the fish, fastened with duct tape, it had a note on it:
"Ha Ha
I got you.

(*pshyeah my cellular can't take pics. But I wanted to capture the shape of his paper fish and the glimpse of duct tape. The fish is now taped to my mirror, it makes me giggle.)

Shape Ups

How much would you have to get paid to wear sketchers shape ups for one week?

My sister's response was if she could tell people she was getting paid to wear them, she would do it for $20. If she couldn't, she'd do it for $150.


don't close up when it's dark outside. They just stay open, all night!

such a pwetty, fwendwy fwower.

Wednesday, March 31

blogger STALKAGE: are you a victim?

Whenever I overhear the word "blog" leaving someone's lips, I think of how badly I want to visit their blog!

So I did some stalkage and found a few of the ones I've been on the prowl for. (I always forget I'm on the prowl for them once I get online but this time was DIFFERENT!)

So go ahead, do some stalkage yourself. Check out my blog list and fall in love with the people I love. Isn't it fun when you are on a friend of a friend of a friend's page? so fun. Share experiences please.

Tuesday, March 30


Sorry this blog isn't more profound.

You can find profound posts here and here though.

Oh Disney, you've done it again.

This is a video illustrating how Disney uses templates to produce movies. So interesting!

600 palabras

I am learning Spanish! I don't know if it will really work. But I have this itouch app that teaches me 100 words per day and so far I am retaining 75% of what I learn! So when I go to Mexico on Saturday we will see if it can be applied to real life...I will let you know how it goes.

Unless you hate children:

If ever you are having a bad day, just go where there are children. My bad days end at 11:45 when I walk into a second grade classroom.