Wednesday, March 31

blogger STALKAGE: are you a victim?

Whenever I overhear the word "blog" leaving someone's lips, I think of how badly I want to visit their blog!

So I did some stalkage and found a few of the ones I've been on the prowl for. (I always forget I'm on the prowl for them once I get online but this time was DIFFERENT!)

So go ahead, do some stalkage yourself. Check out my blog list and fall in love with the people I love. Isn't it fun when you are on a friend of a friend of a friend's page? so fun. Share experiences please.

1 comment:

Holley said...

i checked out a couple of your links and found carolyn's blog and it made me happy because it was a post about her new bangs, and that made me smile cause she is a hottie. :)