Friday, March 30


That's how long my last conversation was with my gramma.

On Wednesday, I was reading up in my room and kept thinking that I should call her.  The thought kept coming and I kept brushing it away; I'd see her when she came into town for conference weekend!  I don't need to call her.  What would I say?  It was too late anyway...9:30pm. 
I should ask my mom if maybe she's awake.
My mom says it's too late.
epiphany!  Daylight savings doesn't happen in AZ!  It's 8:30!
So I call her.  She answers.  I tell her I'm excited to see her.
I still am.

I wish she could be at my wedding! (Maybe she will because I'll die before that happens?)

I wish I could hear her say those awesomely offensive things again, like this or do amazing things like this.  She loved loved loved all 50 of her grandkids.  I felt like I was her only grandchild, the way she treated me like I was so important.  I remember on my sixteenth birthday card: "Stay so clean and pure." That always gives me strength.  I hope I can be a woman like gramma.