Friday, March 30


That's how long my last conversation was with my gramma.

On Wednesday, I was reading up in my room and kept thinking that I should call her.  The thought kept coming and I kept brushing it away; I'd see her when she came into town for conference weekend!  I don't need to call her.  What would I say?  It was too late anyway...9:30pm. 
I should ask my mom if maybe she's awake.
My mom says it's too late.
epiphany!  Daylight savings doesn't happen in AZ!  It's 8:30!
So I call her.  She answers.  I tell her I'm excited to see her.
I still am.

I wish she could be at my wedding! (Maybe she will because I'll die before that happens?)

I wish I could hear her say those awesomely offensive things again, like this or do amazing things like this.  She loved loved loved all 50 of her grandkids.  I felt like I was her only grandchild, the way she treated me like I was so important.  I remember on my sixteenth birthday card: "Stay so clean and pure." That always gives me strength.  I hope I can be a woman like gramma.


amanda said...

i'm sad for your loss, hallie hallie. But SO GLAD YOU CALLED HER. You are my inspiration all the time. love unto ye.

Courtney said...

Thank you so much for posting this! Reading your blog helps me feel closer to all of you whilst I am thousands of miles away! Love you tons!

Alyson Samantha said...

Love this. Thanks for sharing it!! I still love love love those quotes from Grandma because I can hear her saying them in my mind!