Friday, December 26

Gramma Quotes

When my Grandma Kellis first noticed my hair she said "Oh I love your hair short. When you had it all long and straight you looked like a witch. I didn't tell you then but now I can."

Discussing the Christmas meal preparations:
Hallie: How about banana cream pie?
Grandma, in a condescending tone: What is banana cream pie? I've never heard of banana cream pie!

In the car on the way home from the temple...
Grandma to mom: ...then we have to go to the fabric store to get white fabric for your temple dress
Hallie: Oh you mean for my wedding dress? Grandma, will you embroider my wedding dress?
Grandma, without hesitation: I will not
Hallie: But what if you do want to?
Grandma: If I ever wanted to make your wedding dress I would break my hands so I couldn't.

Monday, December 22

packing to the third power

So I packed and moved out of my homey townhome...sniff
now I am unpacking all that junk at my parents
then I am packing for AZ because I am spending a week there beginning tomorrow
then when I get back I'll be packing for NZ

I just looked up my school and my house on Google Earth! I will live on the skinniest part of New Zealand...which can only mean one thing...


and the school I will teach at looks amazing:
Pomaria School

and I have broadband in the home I will live in. So we'll keep in touch.

313 hours!
I just got shivers all over.