Friday, September 30

The FLUSHER!!!!!!

Once the principal announced my name, dozens of kids ran to line up. They wanted to throw the ball that hit the target that got me soaking. I wore a swim cap and glad that I did.

The best part of it all was that I loved it. I liked acting scared, egging the kids on, teasing them, and letting them push it if they missed. (only if they had been or were my students though :)

OK that's not me in this picture, it's my principal that borrowed my swim cap. Same dif.

This morning

I added two halloween oreos to my protein shake.

Monday, September 26

Blue Planet

So I uploaded a bunch of Blue Planet vids to my laptop...and I decided tonight that whenever I can't sleep I'll watch them.

Well I just watched the "Amazon Abyss." Like I feel like going to sleep now. Heck NO! Sweet little nightmarluby. (like lullaby but nightmarelaby?)

The last clip was of a bunch of Paranas devouring a large dead fish they put down in the water. So awesomely disturbing. Maybe that one was the worst of all the Blue Planets.