Thursday, March 18


I was teaching a small group of 5th grade boys today and as I was drawing shapes and congruent lines they started they had this inside joke about what I was drawing.
me: Will you stop acting like you're twelve?!
boy1: I am twelve!
we all start laughing
boy2: I'm going to wet my pants!

Yep. Sometimes I have to re-realize that they are twelve.

Wednesday, March 17

Happy St. Patricks!

Oh how I love our fam tradition of St. Patrick's day.
Ever since I can REMEMBER we've always had
  • corned beef (which daron referred to as "red cow" all night. "Hallie. Pass me the red cow.")
  • cabbage
  • carrots
  • onion
  • soda bread with raisins

Then we kind of just do these things out of the sake of greenness, not necessarily an irish thing:
lime italian soda...errr...lime IRISH soda
this cake junk...which I never love (no offense mom) but it's green! It's white cake with surprises of pistachio pudding and green whipped topping!

And of course beer on tap! JK got ya.

Some of the things that happened during dinner:
  1. chasing my nieces and nephews around, pinching them. They were wearing green but who made that rule anyway.
  2. My brother was disciplining my nephew: "That is why I have to be strong with you right now, Ty..." Ty: "But I'm stronger than you are!"
  3. Seth bringing a "wand" and casting three HP spells on everyone. I couldn't stand it anymore, the kid needed more to work off of! So I had him get my iTouch, we looked up wrote down 18 of our favorite spells. His favorite is the Imperious Curse, one of the three unforgivable. (IMPERIO!)

Hope you wore green. Either way, consider yourself digitally PINCHED!

Tuesday, March 16

Percy Jackson and the Olympians! (no spoilers :)

Percy Jackson is a son of a mythological god! And for all he knew he just had adhd and other behavioral disorders (see how easily we can relate.) But he gets introduced to other half-bloods and mythological peeps! It's a lot of fun. They go on these quests to defeat evil.

Just look at these characters! Don't they look so interesting? They really are.

I got hooked when I had to sub for fifth grade. They are reading it as a class and while they were doing an assignment I started to read it. I kind of skimmed at first because I didn't want to commit to what I knew would be a serious addiction.

But here I am, having read four of the five books! Can't wait to start the fifth. The fifth graders see me with a different book every day and we have so much fun being nerdy together. One student just bought The Ultimate Guide; a handbook to the Percy Jackson & The Olympians. Guess what we'll be doing at recess tomorrow?