Tuesday, March 16

Percy Jackson and the Olympians! (no spoilers :)

Percy Jackson is a son of a mythological god! And for all he knew he just had adhd and other behavioral disorders (see how easily we can relate.) But he gets introduced to other half-bloods and mythological peeps! It's a lot of fun. They go on these quests to defeat evil.

Just look at these characters! Don't they look so interesting? They really are.

I got hooked when I had to sub for fifth grade. They are reading it as a class and while they were doing an assignment I started to read it. I kind of skimmed at first because I didn't want to commit to what I knew would be a serious addiction.

But here I am, having read four of the five books! Can't wait to start the fifth. The fifth graders see me with a different book every day and we have so much fun being nerdy together. One student just bought The Ultimate Guide; a handbook to the Percy Jackson & The Olympians. Guess what we'll be doing at recess tomorrow?

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