Tuesday, January 12


I got a job as a flex aide at Westmore! (where my sister works!) I am waiting to hear back when I start and what hours. But isn't that so exciting???

I also switched to my old ward! I am already loving it.

I am quite ready to get out of this town. Well isn't that a coincidence, because I am going to Zions National Park this weekend with friends! It will be so nice to get away and be a little warmer :)

I am going to see The Young Victoria a second time this week. Thank you, Veronica, for suggesting it because I wouldn't have thought the 30 min drive would be worth it! But it's worth it. and I'm making that drive again. and probably a third time.

Who would have thought Ruthie "pigface" draper from Dan in Real life and the mean old secretary from Devil Wears Prada could be Queen Victoria? And heartbreaker Mr. Wickham from Pride and Prejudice is Prince Albert? Well get used to it. because it's great.

If you'd like to join me and my friends, we're going to the Thursday matinee. Phone me.