Friday, November 30


I recently re-aquainted myself with twitter. I have always thought it was the lamest thing ever, until my friend told me it was her alternate universe.  She used it to read up on her interests.  So I typed in all my hobbies and people I don't hate, following whatever struck my fancy.

I really like twitter now.  I can't get enough!  Everything is so interesting and I don't have to read crap I hate, like on facebook.  I get to stay up-to-date on all things and only the things I care about.

Plus, I am super bad at staying up on current events.  I can't concentrate with a newspaper for long enough to go to B4 and read the rest of the article!  Or when I see my scroll has gone down to the size of a pencil eraser?  Nightmare!  I like the simple, 140 character limit to tell me what happened and where.  For example, New York was crime free for more than 36 hours between Sunday and Tuesday.  So of course I'll click on the link and read about it!  (For as long as I could handle it, the scroller was teensy.)

My least favorite person I'm following is @justinbieber.  He is so vague.  His recent tweet was: "Toronto I'm bringing surprises" - No punctuation.  And he sounds like a creeper!  Maybe my recent dislike for his latest album and how it clearly showed he's not as pure and innocent as he was in his other albums.

I am not really following people I know yet...don't want to turn it into a facebook.  But you're welcome to follow me! @halshum.