Saturday, June 23

clean checks

Everyone in the apartment failed except for me.

Wednesday, June 20

I just like to swim

10 laps of breaststroke
10 laps of freestyle
5 laps of backstroke
then the froggy "ever after" relaxation stroke. I got water up my nose half way down a lap so I didn't go for as long I would have liked.

At BYU-Idaho they had music playing under the water. I miss that.

Tuesday, June 19


one flew just barely over my head three times in a row today.

it would land on a tree and let me walk a few more steps then fly at me again!

It had crazy eyes that seemed to say "I want you dead."

Aren't blackbirds a bad omen?

blast from the past

I really liked this guy in junior high. He was 6'4" by 8th grade. His body was tough and giant. And he was always really nice. He's back from Austria and last night at a ward party we played "500."