Thursday, November 3


One thing I don't do enough is observe.
Mostly in nature.
Today I was just driving slowly down a residential road.  Obviously en route home.  I like to take the back way because there is less to deal with.  Less traffic.  Less traffic lights.  Less people.
I like to look up at the tall trees lining the roads and specifically notice the gradual change on a single tree...from green to vibrant oranges, light yellows, or bold reds.
And that is what I feel is lacking when I go to a large city.  There is nature there, but not enough to really notice.  There are some exceptions, but you know what I mean.
Being indoors and with winter coming up...I'm really trying to soak all the beauty in.  Snow is beautiful, but it overstays its welcome...
I find it interesting that we feel closest to God when we are surrounded by His creations.   How often I overlook them and take for granted those opportunities to feel peace.