Thursday, July 16


So good. Like incredible. I laughed. Didn't cry but wanted to.

Harry Potter looks like my friend from high school, Sean. He is wearing my cardigan. I'm letting him borrow it for a little bit because I encourage the male population to wear cardigans.

Well we met up with 6 others at the theater and waited in line. which was the biggest line ever but totally worth it. We sang "Puppet Pals" and this kid we were with kept putting his face right next to mine every time I would turn away. So that when I turned back his face would be right there. Yeah I think the realness in people comes out after midnight and it's awesome.

Here's puppet pals:

cheese and pimento

my dad has an obsession with pimentos
you mix mayo, shredded cheddar, and pimento. (what is that sick black liquid is pictured above? ink?) Then you put a dollop on white bread. I have to admit, it is tasty. but whenever my mom goes to the grocery store he makes sure she gets some. and this has happened 3 times within the past few weeks. wow dad.