Wednesday, September 2

4th Grade

I have been waiting to have a semi-good day to write on this blog. Because to be honest I don't think anyone wants to hear a pity party on sharing time! Right?

Well today was my first good day in a while and I like it a lot.
Why I had bad days?
Because I had/have a mental block against 4th grade. I was the girl everyone made fun of and didn't want to be partnered up with in 4th grade. Everytime I would try and play with others they would say "You're too hyper." I made friends by 5th grade and I've been ok ever since, but there is something about 4th grade kids that I just don't like very much...even a decade later. 4th grade is the last grade I would want to teach. I have more reasons but I want to forget about them so I can be a good teacher.
Today I taught math and instead of being intimidated by the students and by the content of the lesson I took charge and I had fun. It was a good day.