Wednesday, September 2

4th Grade

I have been waiting to have a semi-good day to write on this blog. Because to be honest I don't think anyone wants to hear a pity party on sharing time! Right?

Well today was my first good day in a while and I like it a lot.
Why I had bad days?
Because I had/have a mental block against 4th grade. I was the girl everyone made fun of and didn't want to be partnered up with in 4th grade. Everytime I would try and play with others they would say "You're too hyper." I made friends by 5th grade and I've been ok ever since, but there is something about 4th grade kids that I just don't like very much...even a decade later. 4th grade is the last grade I would want to teach. I have more reasons but I want to forget about them so I can be a good teacher.
Today I taught math and instead of being intimidated by the students and by the content of the lesson I took charge and I had fun. It was a good day.


Anonymous said...

YAY HALLIE! I'm so sorry about 4th grade though. It's amazing how some of those grades get to you. The past really haunts you doesn't it? Haha, I am sure they LOVE you though and your hyperness is probably a bonus now ;) Live it up! Keep the stories coming!

Emily said...

Go you! I think 4th grade wasn't good for many of us. Better than middle school, though right? That was a mess.

Veronica said...

Good job! Fourth grade sucks!

Mark and Mal said...

Good for you Hallie. Stick in there. I'm sure teaching high school is way different from elementary but I know that feeling of intimidation can be overwhelming at times. It got way better for me as I got to know the students. Good luck!! Those kids are lucky!

Elissa Stewart said...

Hallie- I like when I can read your blog and listen to you while you are cooking in the kitchen. I love your yellow shirt.