Thursday, August 14

the true hal unleashed

Sometimes I accidently let my personality out a little too much. And people are left very confused.

like this

And the worst part of it is having to explain myself. They demand an explanation. Why can't you just pretend like I didn't say that? When you get to know me and spend time with me, that will be explanation in and of itself.

Ok hal so what brought about this post? I was just on a lunch date with this guy in my ward. And if you are in my ward you have seen the true hal unleashed, sorry.
The first thing he asked me once we sat down:

"So you said two funny things yesterday and I want you to explain both of them: 'dirty play' and 'kissing boys' as your hobby"

Alright you silly confused little boy. and the people reading this blog.

Last night we were watching Cool Runnings (in honor of the olympics) and there was a swear word in the movie. Someone asked "where's a clearplay when you need one?"
My roommate: "I have clearplay"
Me: "I have dirtyplay"
[giggle giggle giggle, continue watching movie]

Dirty play: the opposite of clearplay. Instead of the dvd player editing out swear words, dirtyplay will add swear words. Can you imagine how cool and uncomfortable that would be? awesome. You could just put in your favorite swearwords wherever you want them. And if you like violence you could add violence. kehehehe!

Monday, August 11

Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn


I have refused to read or hear about these books until I knew the last book had come out. So I didn't have to wait. Harry Potter killed me when I had to wait. So I started Twilight a couple weeks ago and read them straight through. Good reads.
My favorite of all the books in this series was Twilight. Because Edward wasn't even in the 2nd one and Bella was driving me NUTTY in the 3rd one with her refusal to leave jacob alone. and the last book was ok but it was too weirdy to me. Like the whole baby deal. and the fact that jacob and the baby were in love. Hard for me to really relate to and embrace.
Favorite part of all the books? By the jeep at the trailhead when Edward was trying to convince Bella to go to the meadow. I think I will read that part again in a sec. So good.
Recommend? Yes. If you don't have anything better to do. If you do have something better to do, read Twilight and I will tell you what happens in the following 3 books.