Friday, July 13

Friday the 13th

HAPPY FREAKY FRIDAY!! Here's a freaky story for you:

I have a history class twice a week.
Bad news: It is an hour drive and the class is 2 1/2 hours long.
Good news: This class is full of attractive men with engineering majors, so I decided it was worth the sacrifices.

Well one of these attractive men sits next to me every day, and I have to admit (though now I admit shamefully) I wouldn't prefer sitting next to any other guy in the class. He's smart, funny, and got a point added to the quiz last night because the question was lame.

Last night he was looking at his facebook during class, so when I got home I decided to look him up and see what this guy is like. Well my mom happened to be sitting next to me, and after I typed in his name she said, "Hey, you might be related to him"

After looking through some of his photo albums and having my mom identify his parents as her first cousins, I felt pretty sick...good thing I never got my flirt on with him...that would be awkward!

Oh well.

Monday, July 9


I still have the stomach flu

I made bread pudding because all I eat is white bread
so why not make pudding out of it?

I played ultimate spoons last night and re-sprained my foot a wee bit

I cut myself some bangs

My roommates would get married before they turn 20 if they had the chance.

I enjoy going to bed early

I am no more useful than an old person.