Saturday, September 6

class class class

I really love my classes.

1st class: ice cream, meeting my 8 year old pen pals, and getting a butterfly cacoon that will hatch any day now.

2nd class: assignment to join facebook. The first day of class was the last day of class. From now on, the teacher and I will webcam.

3rd class: assignment to bring 3 things to class that describe me. A "show and tell" if you will.

4th class: my teacher is good looking

the other classes, like statistics, we will not talk about. But I think it will be ok.

Spoon Me

No thank you.

The first couple bites are good, then the texture feels prickley on your tongue. And the spoons are rough because they are eco-friendly.

And don't type just "spoon me" in the search box.