Friday, November 2

milk face stinky cheese smelly sausage katherine

This morning, Katherine asked me: "is it weird if I have a quesadilla for breakfast?" I was just waking up when she asked me that, so I imagined a flour tortilla with cinnamon sugar and reassured her that it would not be weird. Well she made a cheese quesadilla with a corn tortilla. so I called her stinky cheese katherine. Then I was being kind of crazy and laughing at everything...I am almost too much of a morning person...anyway so I put my face like 4 inches away from hers and started spooning cereal and milk into my mouth as fast as I could and she either didn't notice or didn't care and didn't look at me so in trying to stifle a laugh I sprayed out any milk that was in my mouth. The mist was so awesome looking and I had never done something like that so I ran to the other end of the room and fell to the floor in laughter. Well Katherine had milk all over her face. So then I called her "milkface-stinky cheese katherine" whoops. then a few minutes later I cooked sausage and she said "thanks, now I smell like sausage" So I called her "milk face-stinky cheese-smelly sausage katherine" It was a fun morning. haha I am laughing out loud right now.

Thursday, November 1


I was a witch at work

and Bellatrix Lestrange at night

I have to get a closeup of my tattoo on here...that was my favorite part! and I measured my wand and it is exactly the length of bellatrix's! So I really was Bellatrix!

Monday, October 29

My Weekend

was pretty good. I died my hair pitch black on Thursday. On Friday I went to the funnest Halloween party ever. It was just too cute. Scary movie in the basement, fire pit outside, pumpkin carving in the living room, cookie decorating in the dining room, caramel fondue and festively named food in the kitchen. (7-layer bean dip="6 feet under dip," "frog eye salad," "vampire blood salsa") hehe it was fantastic.
Then my roommate came home with her date who I have a fragment of a crush on and I talked to them about how much fun they had together.
Saturday I cut my bangs too short. So embarrassing. Then I watched Holley cut Katherine's Hair and it looks good and Holley fixed my bangs so they look semi-presentable.
Later that evening Kath, Veda, and I got a 10 lb pumpkin and carved 3 different faces on it. Mine was happy, Veda's was angry, and Katherine's was sad. We rotate it each night.
After pumpkins a bunch of us went to Humor-U Comedy--a stand-up comedy show. The majority of it was pretty hilarious!
Last night we had a scone party which was better than the last one because we didn't have to slave in the kitchen to feed the millions of people in our house. It was more low key and I was able to talk to my friends.

sooo that's that.