Wednesday, November 9

We're doing things a little differently in our ward.

I was released from Music a week ago.  Here is my favorite memory.

I was the chorister for sacrament meeting, and the opening hymn was "How Firm a Foundation"
After singing it, we had ward business, etc.
Then the bishopric member that was conducing stands up to tell us the next hymn for the sacrament.
"We're going to do the sacrament a little differently today.  We will prepare for the sacrament by singing hymn number 85, "How Firm a Foundation."

Maybe you had to be there. But it was pretty awkward.  So I stood up and pointed to the display and we sang a sacrament hymn.

My nephew is adorable

"How come grampa jabs food in his mouth and chews it so fast making this sound (Makes loud chomping sound)"

I laugh

"How COME?!"

(pictured left)