Friday, April 18

Phone books and chicken feet

There are some guys in my ward that prank my apartment. Which is fun, I guess. A month ago they strung chicken feet (real) across our front door with a note that said "You guys are a foot about the rest, we love you down the feathers!"
When I drove up from my trip yesterday I caught them in the act: they were piling phone books on my porch, piling them taller than humans. haha so I flipped a U to yell at them and I almost hit a cyclist. So sorry to the cyclist I almost hit on 700 north yesterday at about 8 pm.
I asked the phone book pranksters to help me bring in my luggage, and they did! I guess we're even now.

Monday, April 14

Dancing in California

The night we arrived to California our cousin was getting ready for his prom. His "LDS Prom." They have it during the high school prom to he invited me and my cousin Courtney to go with him. They aren't supposed to bring's supposed to be a stag thinger so we put on some dresses our aunt had and we went! The theme was Willy Wonka and the cultural hall of the stake center was pretty decked out in crazy decor...In the stage area they had a backdrop of a "chocolate waterfall" with bubbles coming down with a real chocolate fountain at the bottom. There was candy everywhere along with large fake lollypops. It was pretty fun I am glad i went to prom at 20. We danced and practically drank from the fondue fountain! And they emailed us the pics they took of us. They had a room with a bunch of balloons and hats and stuff to take pics of us. So here are some of the pictures they emailed me...I think of it as more of a joke than anything:

Sunday, April 13

Today I was just in church in california and there were a few fun happenings.


In Relief Society during opening exercises I realized that I was hungry. I remembered from the road trip that there were pringles in the car, in the pocket behind the front seat. So I went outside and got the pringles and hid them under my arm inside my cardigan. During loud moments where more than one person was talking or during a song (thank goodness for music moment--a second opening song) I would reach into the can under my arm and pull out a pringle and pop it into my mouth. That definitely helped pass the time and kept me from getting too hungry.


First during the break between sacrament and sunday school I was outside with my cousin, just chillin outside to stretch my legs. Well there was a lizard. So I just had to catch this lizard because I wanted to hold it and keep it as my own. So he was like 2 feet away from me, trying to blend in with the brick. I knew I had to be fast, so I put my hand over him and GOT HIM! well he squirmed out of my fingers but I was able to keep holding on until he squirmed far enough so I was only holding on his tail and his whole tail came off and he ran away! And his tail kept moving! He ran a few steps away and he was just sitting there so i walked over to him to say sorry and he let me put my finger an inch away from his face so I thought he was dying and didn't want to move...because of his loss and everything. But before I knew it, he bolted away from me, never to be seen again. So I know he is is a part of an article I read about him:

"Many lizards can cast off their tails at will when threatened or molested. The tail "piece" continues to wiggle (twitch), attracting the attention of prey such as birds or cats, while the lizard flees to safety. This is possible because of a single natural weak point in the vertebrae of the tail and a muscle arrangement at that point designed for separation. The lizard can regenerate a new tail, but it is cartilage and has no bones."