Monday, April 14

Dancing in California

The night we arrived to California our cousin was getting ready for his prom. His "LDS Prom." They have it during the high school prom to he invited me and my cousin Courtney to go with him. They aren't supposed to bring's supposed to be a stag thinger so we put on some dresses our aunt had and we went! The theme was Willy Wonka and the cultural hall of the stake center was pretty decked out in crazy decor...In the stage area they had a backdrop of a "chocolate waterfall" with bubbles coming down with a real chocolate fountain at the bottom. There was candy everywhere along with large fake lollypops. It was pretty fun I am glad i went to prom at 20. We danced and practically drank from the fondue fountain! And they emailed us the pics they took of us. They had a room with a bunch of balloons and hats and stuff to take pics of us. So here are some of the pictures they emailed me...I think of it as more of a joke than anything:

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