Thursday, October 27

I am a believer of Abnormal J's

During silent reading time, a student (male) walks up to me with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Miss Shumway I just noticed something.  All the J's in the room are not normal.  They are all cursive or written in a weird way or something like that.  I just was looking around at all the J's and that is what I noticed."

The thought going through my mind was: "I can relate.  I would do the same thing with the letter H... But why J?  Your name doesn't even start with J, why do you care about J?"

Oh, I know.  You sit next to Josie.  Remember your elementary school crushes?

Wednesday, October 26

High Heels according to a fifth grade boy

"High heels look really fun.  They have this thing that comes down from the bottom of the shoe with this pad on the bottom and they could be used for like...stilts."