Sunday, December 30

The Year is Dying... & Bucket List

New Years Resolutions were written up today.  I remembered my Bucket List (listed below) and looked at last year's post about New Years Resolutions and realized why I still have a swearing problem. I can mark off another thing: I've visited Europe and Asia!  But nothing else :( I need to get crackalacking on this listalisting.   I guess if I got really detailed, visiting Europe and Asia would mark off dozens of things, like all the places and things I saw and ate!  I am currently working on re-writing a Europe Journal since I lost mine 2 days before I came home.  Still bitter.

Go skydiving
Get Married
Have Children
Visit South America and Africa
punch someone in the face
dissect more animals
eat shark
Have debt no more than one year at a time
have a garden every year
Hike a volcano
Helicopter ride
Death Valley
Niagra Falls
Maine crab legs and lighthouse
Eat at a five star restaurant yearly
Make a five star-worthy meal and dress all fancy and eat it
Weigh no more than I do now unless I have a child inside of me
Participate in a triathlon
Be on a talk show
Create art at least once a year
Learn to play guitar really really well
Take voice lessons
Meet the prophet
Be the general relief society president
Get a masters and PhD
Watch the sun rise and set in one day on a south or north facing beach
Go back to New Zealand
Do as much genealogy as possible
Serve a senior mission
Give high fives to strangers...often
Write a book or publish an article
Hot-air balloon across the country
See the northern lights
fly first class
SLC underground tunnels
BYU underground tunnels
Go to a movie by my lonesome
7 world wonders 
Ice climbing
Make snowboarding or skiing a hobby
Visit every temple in Utah and wherever I travel

kiss a stranger
go to New Zealand
go to Australia
bungy jump
shotover jet
horseback ride through lord of the rings forest
cruise to mexico
cruise through fjords
New York
Eat at all the best places in New York
Harry Potter World
DisneyLand Paris
Watch 6 movies in one day

My main resolution is to be present wherever I am.  I'm not trying to be deep here, I mean temporally in the room I am sitting now, or the church meeting I go to, or the annoying bridal shower for the girl I don't care about.  (I hate bridal and baby showers, if I've gone to yours, please feel very loved.)  Not look at my phone, not be bored, not ignore people, not allow myself to find a way to leave as soon as possible.  Just BE there.  And be 100% there.  It's always been a struggle to enjoy where I'm at.  When I do get to leave, I find myself wanting to be done with the next thing.  So I will just back up one step and love where I'm at!

Wednesday, December 19

Christmas Songs

Instead of listening in church, I decided to read Christmas hymns and think about what they mean.  I've never thought of the lyrics in Christmas songs.  Unless it is "Last Christmas" or "All I want for Christmas."  Because those are extremely relatable, right?

When I got to "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" it was like reading my mind.  We hear the "old familiar carols," these "unbroken songs" that are seemingly mocked by pop singers, sung without reverence, jingled over and over, the meaning lost. But the last two verses are like: "Nuh uh!" and that was a nice punch in the face.  This song is definitely relatable.

My dad hates "Mary, Did you Know?"
Whenever it comes on the radio, he lets them sing the first line and calls out: "YES!  She did know!" then switches it.

So funny.  I bet you'll have a hard time forgetting that!

  1. 1. I heard the bells on Christmas day
    Their old familiar carols play,
    And wild and sweet the words repeat
    Of peace on earth, good will to men.
  2. 2. I thought how, as the day had come,
    The belfries of all Christendom
    Had rolled along th'unbroken song
    Of peace on earth, good will to men.
  3. 3. And in despair I bowed my head:
    "There is no peace on earth," I said,
    "For hate is strong and mocks the song
    Of peace on earth, good will to men."
  4. 4. Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
    "God is not dead, nor doth he sleep;
    The wrong shall fail, the right prevail,
    With peace on earth, good will to men."
  5. 5. Till, ringing, singing, on its way,
    The world revolved from night to day,
    A voice, a chime, a chant sublime,
    Of peace on earth, good will to men!

Monday, December 17

Teacher, do you love me?

Driving to school today, I saw a large flag off the freeway at half staff because of the tragedy in Connecticut.

Yesterday in Relief Society, the teacher played this beautiful primary song. (click here to listen) Tears immediately began flowing within the first line of the song.  There was so much in my heart at that moment.  Realizing how difficult some of my kids are, they still need to know I care.  They have the need to be reassured and loved despite how hard they make it for me to do so.  I hope they feel that.  The loved part, not how difficult it is.

Children are so precious.  I feel the weight of my responsibility to not only teach but to show I care and accept them.  This song encompasses every emotion I feel right now.  I listened to this song on the way to work today, and I think I want to make it a daily thing.

Just listen to the song.  You'll know what I mean.

Monday, December 3

Thought Process of Watching Recordings

It's hard being single and having all your favorite shows air on Sunday night.  I'm talking about Revenge, Once Upon a Time, and Mentalist.

Sunday is the busiest day for a single lass.

Ya wake up around 10:30.  Sometimes the parents are skipping out on Sunday school and chillin downstairs, sometimes they are still at church.

You know what that means?

It means I have the house to myself.  The ONLY time I have the house to myself the whole week.    How pathetic is that?  Pretty.  Besides their occasional date night with Aunt Sabrina and Uncle Daron.  And one of them comes home at least 3 out of 4 Sundays a month.

Then there's church, a mix and mingle or a break the fast, and family dinner with all the nieces and nephews.  Afterwards I usually split and go to ward prayer and then a thing after.  By the time I get home, there is no time for my shows.

Monday is worse, it's a MONDAY and there is FHE.

So by the time I get to the shows, I have my other favorite shows on the DVR as well: Parks and Rec and New Girl.

Last Friday night I turned down some get-togethers because all I wanted was to watch my shows.

I thought to myself: "Why did I used to have time to watch these shows night-of?"
Because I didn't exercise back then.

Moral of this story?

Friday, November 30


I recently re-aquainted myself with twitter. I have always thought it was the lamest thing ever, until my friend told me it was her alternate universe.  She used it to read up on her interests.  So I typed in all my hobbies and people I don't hate, following whatever struck my fancy.

I really like twitter now.  I can't get enough!  Everything is so interesting and I don't have to read crap I hate, like on facebook.  I get to stay up-to-date on all things and only the things I care about.

Plus, I am super bad at staying up on current events.  I can't concentrate with a newspaper for long enough to go to B4 and read the rest of the article!  Or when I see my scroll has gone down to the size of a pencil eraser?  Nightmare!  I like the simple, 140 character limit to tell me what happened and where.  For example, New York was crime free for more than 36 hours between Sunday and Tuesday.  So of course I'll click on the link and read about it!  (For as long as I could handle it, the scroller was teensy.)

My least favorite person I'm following is @justinbieber.  He is so vague.  His recent tweet was: "Toronto I'm bringing surprises" - No punctuation.  And he sounds like a creeper!  Maybe my recent dislike for his latest album and how it clearly showed he's not as pure and innocent as he was in his other albums.

I am not really following people I know yet...don't want to turn it into a facebook.  But you're welcome to follow me! @halshum.

Monday, September 10

The Skinny Rules

A week ago Sunday night I asked my sisters (who are all naturally skinny and have been their whole lives) how they do it.  One sister pulled up this pin on pinterest.  She says she hasn't ever thought about it, but these are pretty much the rules she lives by.  I have been trying this for about a week now and I don't hate it!  We'll see if my genetics and obsession with food will allow it... probably not.  But worth a try!?

Friday, August 31

Double Copper

Guess how many times I've been pulled over before this month?


Guess how many times I've been pulled over this month alone?


The second Sunday of August was a relaxing day.  After a stake meeting, passing notes with a babe of a dude, I decided to make oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies (DONT add flour like the comments suggest on this recipe) The guy I passed notes with had my iPod Touch and demanded cookies in exchange for it.

Naturally, I made double cookies and delivered to people that helped me move.  By the time I started back home, it was dark.  I turned a corner to go up a swirly hill with rumbly tumbly lines on the road.  I looked in my rear-view mirror and noticed someone was tailing me!  I didn't think I cut anyone off, but I guess I did.  And they seemed ticked (even though I couldn't see anything.)  So I sped up to get away and disregarded the rumblies and lines on the road and drove as straight as possible.

When I turned again, BAM!  The person behind me put on their lights.  They were a COP!  All along!

I was shocked.  So shocked that I didn't move, just in case he thought I was getting a gun.  (I have my concealed weapons permit but no weapon.)  I rolled down my window and began to explain how sorry I was and that I thought he was tailing me.  He asked for my license and registration, the latter I couldn't find because of all the papers in my glove box.  He asked where I was coming from and I said to take cookies to a friend, then offered one to him...ha.

He asked if I was drunk.
 I said he could do a drinking test but I assured him I was not drunk.  (He flashed my pupils with his flashlight)

He was off to his car to "look me up"

When he came back he informed me that it was my lucky day and he was letting me off.  Then he began his lecture of how he should have towed me for wreckless driving and drunk driving.  Heaven forbid a cop let me off NICELY.  But Phew, right?  Phew.

I wonder what they see when they look people up?  Do they see I am a teacher?  I know they see the accident/violation history...But I hope they see I am contributing to the community in some way.

Welp, it doesn't end there.  Yesterday I got pulled over by a hiding motorcycle cop!  He just popped outta no where!  I was going 14 over because people were waiting for a car to turn left going the other direction so I wanted to get out of their way.  The stupid thing was my natural instinct to turn off my car and UNbuckle my seatbelt while the cop was approaching!  When he pointed out that he heard a click as he was walking up, I told him I was an idiot and unbuckled after he pulled me over.  "You're not an idiot, but that's not the smartest thing to do."  He said.  DOIEE!

He let the seatbelt part go, but put me down for going 5 over, how kind.

Wednesday, June 6


June 6
Flew into Charles De Gal 
6 flights of stairs to the apartment room
Figuring out phone for Elizabeth
coming back 3 times to same phone place
Notre Dame pictures outside
Meeting Lauren, Elizabeth's friend
Eating Italian then gelatto
Got baguettes and pastries and quiche for the next day at a local patisserie

June 7
Nike of Samothrace , greek sculpture

Venus de Milo – greek sculpture garden, alexandro of antioch
Oath of the Horatii, Jacques-Louis David


Leonardo da Vinci Virgin of the Rocks,
Liberty Leading the People Delacroix

Théodore Géricault, The Raft of the Medusa
Peter Paul Rubens
Marie de' Medici cycle

Johannes Vermeer
Water Lilies, Monet
Spanish painting, Infanta Maria Margareta, Velázquez, 1655
Mona lisa
Van gogh
French romantic sculptures
All the Davids


Arch de Triumph
Dinner and gelato and latin quarter with Lauren and friends
River cruise
Climbing eiffle tower
Signed name
Walking around looking for Maudey’s restaurant, didn’t find till 12, ate at café
Escargo and steak

June 8
Sacre Coure./Montmontre
Rodin Museum gardens, “The Kiss” & “the thinker”
Café Constant
Meeting Christian Constant
Muse D’Orsey
Muse De O’rsay


Pub with Lauren and friends

June 9
E in Belgium
Sant Chapelle
Top of Notre Dame
Crème Brulee and Crepe
Cheese samples
Bus tour at night
E being in room 

June 10
Versailles with Maudey
Cheese on train on the way
Renting golf cart
Marie Antoinette’s Trianon and Hamlet
Angelina’s chocolate
Seeing Elizabeth 
Crepes at Montmontre
Dinner mix-up at Les Tablettes
Korean by my hotel

June 11
Disneyland with Juliet

Muse D’Orsey with Maudey
More Degas and Cassatt 
Tried Falafel, carrot juice
Back to Versailles to get scarf
7 course meal at Les Tablettes

June 13
Rented fiat – stick shift
Day trip to Mont Saint Michele – castle on island, night tide
On the way: Rouen Cathedral painted by Monet several times
Beautiful scenery
Elizabeth driving
Savory Crepe restaurant...not amazing and tons of flies
Took a bus to island
Walked around
Church at top with view
Drive back – gas and bathroom
Grocery store
Beef tartar

June 14
Notre Dame inside
Fly to Athens

Wednesday, May 23

This just happened

And now all my wildest dreams will come true.

I'm going to Paris
Then on a Mediterranean cruise (Greece, Turkey, Places the apostle Paul visited)
Then to Italy
Then to the UK

All this was decided and executed within the past 5 days.  Ha!  Come with!  Or live through me.

Wednesday, May 16

Spotlight student ?s

We have a student spotlight every week.  These are some of the questions the class asks the student:

"Who is your favorite SUPER villain?"
"How many horses would you say you have met in your whole entire life?"
"Who is your favorite SUPER HERO?"
Someone blurted: "George Lopez!"
Spotlight: "I HATE George Lopez"
"When was the first time you tasted FOOD?"
Couldn't stop laughing

Saturday, April 21

Mowing the lawn

I love to mow the lawn.  When I was a teenager I used to sign my name...and maybe sometimes my crush's name...then mow around that.  Or make designs.  Nowadays I try and mow differently each time.  Maybe stick with the curve of the garden or deck instead of just the boring straight lines.  It clears my head.  It is like art for me, making something more beautiful.  It is good for me: to think about life and being hard at work...and get chased by wasps and stuff.

I listen to pandora and sometimes I have to b-line back towards the house to pick up the wifi again.  If only I could like running as much as I like mowing the lawn! 

Friday, March 30


That's how long my last conversation was with my gramma.

On Wednesday, I was reading up in my room and kept thinking that I should call her.  The thought kept coming and I kept brushing it away; I'd see her when she came into town for conference weekend!  I don't need to call her.  What would I say?  It was too late anyway...9:30pm. 
I should ask my mom if maybe she's awake.
My mom says it's too late.
epiphany!  Daylight savings doesn't happen in AZ!  It's 8:30!
So I call her.  She answers.  I tell her I'm excited to see her.
I still am.

I wish she could be at my wedding! (Maybe she will because I'll die before that happens?)

I wish I could hear her say those awesomely offensive things again, like this or do amazing things like this.  She loved loved loved all 50 of her grandkids.  I felt like I was her only grandchild, the way she treated me like I was so important.  I remember on my sixteenth birthday card: "Stay so clean and pure." That always gives me strength.  I hope I can be a woman like gramma.

Friday, March 23

It broke an' I fixed it

I thought I was so cool, playing basketball with 9 fifth grade boys.

I was rebounding a shot and I heard a POP! It was ma left mid finga.  Ow.  I broke it.

I got one of my student's popsicle sticks and taped it with ma ring finga.  Hope it doesn't get all ugly and crooked like my lovely gramma's fingas.

I look just as hot as they do still, right?

Tuesday, March 13

You know you should seek help

When you are not even PMS-y and you cry at your friend's bridal shower when she says nice things about you.

And I am not talking about just tearing up.  There were tears.  streaming.  

It is great to feel a rainbow of emotions!  Yes it is.  Love being a woman.

Thursday, March 8

Quote of the day

"academically this is crazy"

Monday, February 27

Another essay from Damon

I have a lizard and the kids write essays and interview for class jobs.  He wanted to be in charge of feeding the lizard.  Here is his "persuasive letter" to me. This is may or may not be from a student this year, and I have changed his name.

Dear Miss Shumway:

For my class job I would like to have cricket feeder or pooper scooper. Hi said pedro from unicorn land I like loli pops and candy because it makes me hyper. I am highly qualified for every single job that is not on here the ones that are on here I can not do. So please read this boring sa and it will scar you for life because it is so horrifying you will want someone to read it for you. And if you don't you will also never be able to have a good person in the job.

First you will have a good person in the job becuase you know that I am amazing. Also you will not have to get on me for not doing the job because I have a fishy named ponyo and I once fed Him for a month but it was his time to go so we gave him a swirly wirly in the tiolet and I couldn't see him go wee his is still in my fish tank and feed him even though he is dead. One time we had a weasel in are yard so I wanted to kill it but my dad wouldn't let me so I must be really nice because I snuck out and shot him. I shot him because he got into are compost and then I skinned him and then there was blood in the snow so I had to eat the snow to hide the evedince that I had killed that weasel but before it died it had a baby so I killed that one to so I put them in a cage and had some target practice none of them got away becuase I hate them.

Second about the pooper scooper I like to do that because I like to mess with poop. One time I built a sculpture out of poop but my dad told me it was mud so I played and rolled around in the poop and I was a man and used my hand. Another time my sisters friends came over and thay were throwing golf balls at us so Devin and I went up into the orchards and we found deer beans and I started throwing the deer poop at them and then I stuck some poo on a stick and chased them that is a true story. The next time my dad siad that the deer poop was beans the very best beans in the world they would make you strong and you could lift a barely lift a penny so I at the poop and it actually doesn't taste that bad but I still coudn't lift the penny so I ate mor and more and then my breath smelt like the poo and then I found some mountian dew in the snow so I tried some and it kind of tasted funny so I put it in a water bottle and brought it home and put it under a micro scope and I found out what it really is.

third I would like bellatrixes vegtables becuase I have A cat that I have and I pore the cheap cat food into his bowl. One day (when I was about 4) a baby sitter came and she said that cat food taste like pizza so I tried it and it tasted like pizza pocket so I kept eating it and after a while it tasted bad so I was sick and puked and puked and then my brother spun me arond on the carpet and I got a rug burn. Once I tried my fish food and it tasted gross so at walmart I tasted every fish food until I found one that tasted good but there wasn't but I could't tell after a while becuase the first ones tasted really bad so the taste stayed in my mouth. One day when I was at petsmart with my sister so she got 2 fishys but one ate the other one so she tried to kill it and she did but one day I convinced her that I could make her come back to life so I preformed surgery on her and I saved her life and that is why I was exepted to a music program at harvared and they will pay my whole tuition.

Miss Shumway I know that you will make the right chioce and will let me what I want. I am sorry for talking but please please don't take my chioce away because of that I have problems with my mouth it never stop moving but when it deosn't I am doing something that is notty. I know that you are an amazing teacher and will let me be pooper scooper I want that really bad and I will get over my fear of it. so I hope you let me.


Tuesday, February 21

T-Bow Position

Teacher: What did you do this weekend? (Calls on a student)
Student: Braden and I rode our scooters around the neighborhood.  Then we sat in the T-Bow Position on someone's front lawn.  We stayed in their yard in the T-Bow Position for like 20 minutes and we didn't move.  Then we doorbell ditched them and ran off.  I can't use the name of the person's house because they are in this class.
Teacher and other confused students: What is the T-Bow Position?  (I was afraid to ask)
Student: It's the "thinking position" Like this! (Squats and puts fist to chin)

It was an awesome moment of laughs and giggles for all.

Monday, February 20

I put egg whites

in my HAIR today

Because I read an article that says it makes my hair grow faster.

But my hair is stiff.  How can it grow when it can't even move?  pssshhhh.

Sunday, February 19

A letter from high school friends

They're both married now but took the time to send me this cute message:


Austin and I were just talking and we both agree that you helped us both out in high school. We both were awkward around girls and you helped both of us out to know how to talk to girls and come out of our cootie stage. I don't know if I formally thanked you so now I am doing so on behalf of me and Austin.

-Josh and Austin

p.s. austin and coral are hanging out with us right now in the carribean, they came down to visit and this realization came up. Luckily you were a great friend otherwise Austin would still be in middle school.

Wednesday, February 15

Safe & Sound

My cousin Elissa shared this on facebook and I thought "oh how pretty and moody. Into it." I didn't know it was related to Hunger Games until I saw the Mockingjay. 

I had to watch it again with that mindset and
Not just pretty and moody.  Way deeper than that.

Then as I typed that last line I thought of this video:

Tuesday, February 14

Quotes on Love that I Love

"To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entaglements; lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket--safe, dark, motionless, airless--it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. The alternative to tradgedy, or at least to the risk of tragedy, is damnation. The only place outside of Heaven where you can be perfectly safe from the perturbations of love is Hell."
-C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

(I love that book.  It's more marked up than any other book I own.  Read it.)

"For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation."
-Rainer Maria Rilke

 here's a random one that I love that I have been thinking a lot about lately:  
"Don't give up trying to find your way, but remember that sometimes it takes bending to avoid breaking"
-Katrinka Hesselinx


Happy Valentine's Day!

Click on the image...sorry I don't have a larger image :/

Isn't that adorable?  It has every aspect of the perfect love letter.

Monday, February 6

Words that lift and strengthen

Advice from Elder Busche:

From my dear cousin:
So, here's a story I heard at stake conf and LOVED, so I thought I'd share:

So, the guy speaking shared a story his daughter posted on her blog recently. She had been out shopping and was in a boutique or something and saw these large music boxes- the kind where a ballerina dances inside to music. She knew her two young daughters, somewhere around 6 and 4 years old or something, would absolutely LOVE to receive these for their upcoming birthdays. She purchased them and was so excited to be able to give them to her daughters in a few weeks, knowing how excited they would be. As she was leaving the store, she remembered her neice's birthday was coming up as well, so she went back in and bought a smaller version of the music box for her niece.

When she arrived home, she got the smaller music box out and showed it to the younger daughter, explaining that it was the gift they were going to give to their cousin. At this, her daughter burst into tears, the huge crocodile kind. The mom said she could tell her daughter was trying to keep her emotions together but simply couldn't, and that she just broke down and was sobbing. She asked her daughter what was wrong and her daughter told her that the music box was exactly what she had always wanted, and that she was glad her cousin would have one, but she was just so sad she didn't get one also.

The girl's Mom found this somewhat humorous since she knew the gift she had for her daughter's own birthday was stashed away, waiting for the right time (her birthday). But, trying to help her daughter calm down and regain her composure, she mentioned that maybe her daughter would get a better music box for HER birthday. This only brought about a new round of tears as her daughter told her that THAT music box (the one going to her cousin) was just what she wanted. It was perfect, and there just simply couldn't be a music box any better or more perfect than that one!

The speaker related this to our lives and how the Lord has so much in store for us that we don't even realize! I immediately thought about you and the struggles you've been having with guys, and how it's hard to see that there could actually be something/someone better than what you've seen, but that the Lord sees us and our own crocodile tears and just lovingly comforts us, knowing full well He has something MUCH better in store for us, just waiting for the right time to be able to give us the things He is so looking forward to giving us because He wants to see us be so happy.

The Pearl Necklace:
And...I remember this pearls story from when I was an adolescent.  Where a girl's favorite possession is her fake pearl necklace.  Her father asks her nightly if he can have the pearls and she refuses each time.  Finally, he asked her to show her love by giving her pearls away.  Reluctant and heartbroken, she gave her father her treasured pearls.

He got her real pearls to replace them.  Little did she know how much more was in store, all she had to do was give up what he asked of her.  Even if it seemed the best thing at the time, the father needed her to pass the test of faith to give her more.

Tuesday, January 24

Starting the morning off right

Drinking DDP with a red vine as a straw.

Monday, January 23

You should get a fish

As I was correcting online persuasive essays about a new pet, I see a note from one of my students: 
Damon - January 19 - 8:03 PM
i was mad and made it a stupid as possible so read it
So naturally, I read it.
Here it is for your entertainment.  (Names are always changed when I talk about my students)

Dear, Tyler

You should get a fish because they are stupid and pointless because they don't do anything. And when ever they do something is when you put food at the top and they come up or when you stick something in they will move. And when they move they have a heart attack because they are so fat and ugly so they die and you never see them again and you will cry and blame the pet store then get a new one then it will die and again and agian.

Plus if you dont feed them then they die then you can eat it unless it was dead for such a long time it will rot and decay and then it will just be a good hair brush and then you can do your hair in school because it is small and the teacher wouldn't notice so then if she found out you would get in trouble about a 100%. and if you got in trouble you couldnt be on student council because your life would be corupted and never grow up and become a hobo and make 0.01 cents a year and die from starvasion.

and you could put it in a bowl with another fish and see them fight and then it will become fat and then it would be delicous to eat because you made it fat. and then if you didn't feed it and then it died you could use the bone as a hair brush in school and brush your hair and then get in trouble but that is about 100% and then your life would be corupded and then you will be a hobo then live under a bridge and earn 0.01 cents a year.

Love Damon,

Thursday, January 19

My Dad's the smartest dad

My dad used to ride the unicycle.  He found out that one of the neighborhood teenagers got one for Christmas.  So as we were out delivering Gina's wedding announcements, we stopped by their house and asked to borrow their unicycle.

I wish I had a funny story to go along with this.  It was fun watching him try to get on in the grass then finally get on holding to the basketball pole.  But he didn't risk riding it; he said he'd try after the wedding so he wouldn't have a sling or wheelchair for the pictures.

You're the smartest, Dad.

Dasher the Creeper

My lil pup I got for my parents for Christmas last year sleeps in my bed at night.

One morning I awoke to the feeling that someone was watching me.

I look over to Dash, and he is staring at me.  He'd been watching me sleep.

Yesterday I awoke to a pleasant scene.  Dash had somehow nuzzled beneath the blanket and sheet and laid his head on the pillow next to mine.  It's like he thinks he's a human.

Saturday, January 14

Four Day Weekend!!!!!

Usually I would think like this:
"I have a four day weekend and three days left!"
But instead I'm thinking:
"I've already wasted almost half of my four-day weekend." :(

No, it should be good.  Here, I'll cheer myself up.  Today I'm going to Park City with ma girls and we're going to go shopping and eat amazing food!  Then we'll have a sleepover!  It'll be amazing.  Can't wait.

Wednesday, January 11



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Tuesday, January 10

Ty: Who invented wiring?
Caleb: Bob Marley
Ty: Really?
Daven: It's true.  He did.

Daven: I am going to lose something tonight.