Tuesday, July 5

Funny thing I like to think about when I am driving

One time, Gina got a new car. And on the visor it had a note talking about the airbags and warnings that go along with them, etc. She pointed to the visor. "So cool. There is an airbag in there."

Summertime and the livin is easyyy

I don't work during the summer because I'm a teacher.

The past few summers...I wasn't a teacher, but getting a summer job is next to impossible. I always convince myself that I can get one, but I can never lie when the employer asks what my plans are for fall. I tried lying once but I felt so guilty. And I didn't get the job anyway.

So instead of attempting something I know I will fail at, I took on some random projects.

Project #1 transform my parents yard into a beautiful haven where I may one day have my wedding reception.
I told the above to my neighbor, including the last part. She waited excitedly. Then prompted, "Is there something you want to tell me?"
Yes. Here it is: I am a delusional 24 year-old living with my parents, planning my reception before I even begin to seriously date someone. At least that is what her face said. I think it's better this way though. For instance, what if I was dating a dude and gardening and thinking of my reception with him in it? And it didn't work out? Awkward. And tragic. Onto the next project!

Project #2 Tending my nieces. My brother and his wife just had a 4th babe girl. I offered to take the oldest three off their hands whenevs. So that's what I do. I want to get a 7 peaks pass and just take them there every time. They have passes too. 7 peaks is so fun. It's like Disneyland because no matter how old you are, it's a blast.

Project #3 Go to my school at least weekly and work on more projects. Like planning better lessons. I have an impeccable (I just had to look up that word) talent for winging it. I can really tell a difference from getting the job so close to the school year last year and getting a whole summer to plan for this coming school year. These kids better be worth it. JK. But kind of.

Project #4 Organize my music and delete songs I always skip. This is actually really monotonous. I have 41 gigs of music and my iPod is 32 gigs. Plus movies. Hard to sift through. Can anyone relate? Some of this music hasn't even been heard by my ears.

Project #5 Not eat food that is bad.

Project #6 Have lots of parties and events. I want to go to Lagoon. and hike Timp. and of course Harry Potter. My ex-boyfriend asked me to go with him to the midnight showing way back on my birthday. Best birthday gift idea if you can't think of upcoming bday gifts.

There you have it. Six Summer S... can't think of an S word. Other than the swear word.