Thursday, February 4

Oh how we love facebook

because it puts ideas in my head. Like, "hey, type your name at and see what it says!"

So I do. it has 3 definitions. The first one:
"The nicest girl in the room. Everyone is drawn to her because of her beauty and her radiance."

The second one is offensive.

but then I feel all better with the last definition:
"Usually one who plays with Dora the Explorer, and sings Hannah Montana."

I would have to agree.

Wednesday, February 3

Just life at the moment.

I am an aide at the school that I love.
My sister and I have already had a pretend fight in the hall...the assistant principal walked by. Hey, this is what they get for nepotism. Jk I really am legit.

rofl Gina just walked in with half her FACE numb because she just got back from the dentist.
"mom I don't fing duh twee was wun ovuh by duh conswucion...oh cwap." (mom i don't think the tree was run over by the construction...oh crap)
"dat's wasads bagg!" (that's wasatch back...referring to the weather forecast)
I couldn't stop laughing.
"staub!" (stop)

Watching Emma and loving it. I have to wait till Sunday for the final episode. Those jerks at Masterpiece Classics better watch it!

I am starting this diet thing...started yesterday. I did it last summer and was very successful. but there are side effects which include but are not limited to: anger, desire to commit homicide, brief episodes of drama, and vertigo. Because I love food so much but I have to control that love. So sorry in advance. NO I am not on drugs.