Monday, December 3

Thought Process of Watching Recordings

It's hard being single and having all your favorite shows air on Sunday night.  I'm talking about Revenge, Once Upon a Time, and Mentalist.

Sunday is the busiest day for a single lass.

Ya wake up around 10:30.  Sometimes the parents are skipping out on Sunday school and chillin downstairs, sometimes they are still at church.

You know what that means?

It means I have the house to myself.  The ONLY time I have the house to myself the whole week.    How pathetic is that?  Pretty.  Besides their occasional date night with Aunt Sabrina and Uncle Daron.  And one of them comes home at least 3 out of 4 Sundays a month.

Then there's church, a mix and mingle or a break the fast, and family dinner with all the nieces and nephews.  Afterwards I usually split and go to ward prayer and then a thing after.  By the time I get home, there is no time for my shows.

Monday is worse, it's a MONDAY and there is FHE.

So by the time I get to the shows, I have my other favorite shows on the DVR as well: Parks and Rec and New Girl.

Last Friday night I turned down some get-togethers because all I wanted was to watch my shows.

I thought to myself: "Why did I used to have time to watch these shows night-of?"
Because I didn't exercise back then.

Moral of this story?