Wednesday, February 27


I haven't sworn since I was ten years old, and that was at a family reunion playing volleyball. I just don't swear. Even in my head. UNTIL about 6 months ago. I started swearing in my head. 97% of the time it was the saying "you make my life hell," to express internal road rage. Yesterday my mom spent a few hours in the kitchen: cleaning, cooking, and preparing for the missionaries to come over for dinner. Well they never showed. And they never returned our phone calls. So I announced at the dinner table that if it wasn't for those damissionaries...blah blah blah.

The point is not that I forgot what I said after I swore. The point is that it is refreshing. And it adds humor and ease into strict lifestyles. And it's only funny in very small, rare occasions.

Tuesday, February 26

4 times, and counting

I have been to Modern Shoe on Center four times within the past month. Twice to buy $150 shoes and twice to return them. The shoes I bought and returned are shown below. And I am going back during the first week of March for the new Earth sandals shipment that they are getting. I just can't own a pair of $150 shoes. It does not sit well with me. No, doesn't sit well at all. But I desperately need a decent pair of shoes that support my feet really well because of my plantar fasciitis...(that means I have tendinitis in my feet.)